QuickNote: How to Create a Workspace that Motivates You

Joyful Obsessions as Key

Incorporating joyful obsessions plays to the kid within. That kid gravitates toward what he/she likes. Because assorted nods to my photography hobby and stationery nerdiness surround me, sitting at my home office desk begins, and ends, with internal smiles. That spells a relaxed spirit which, in turn, juices creativity.

A motivating work station coerces daily productivity, easing me closer to my goals. In short, it works with rather than against me. Pay attention, friends– is your work station friend or foe?


  1. Suggestion: take an hour or two to hang out in a park. Something about all that greenery loosens ya up, and fix-it thoughts start flowing.

    I sat on a bench, picturing myself at the desk– what did I typically reach for that insisted on playing Where’s Waldo, what could I do to coerce myself into going to the desk first thing each morning, etc. A $12 mini switch/manual no-features coffee brewer (WalMart), Alexa friendly, now sits adjacent to the desk. Such a little thing, but paying ongoing huge dividends. I’ve been faithful to my morning review (at desk!) routine for months, cuz I want my morning coffee! And I enjoy the camera mug, the Lego kids plopped atop the bookcase looking down on me as I work, A4 inspirational posters adorning the wall….

    Bonus: since the coffee needs replenishing each evening, I’m in the kitchen- a quick clean up means order hits my eyes when I descend the steps each morning. Nice little seed of accomplishment to start the day.

    Took me some time to nail it all in my head, then implement, but wowsuh, sooo worth it!! Keep me informed of your progress, please

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