QuickNote: iOS Cal: Now Live on IFTTT 

Quick courtesy FYI: The big thrill here →  the new iOS Cal channel, unlike the gCal channel, permits targeting a specific calendar per applet/recipe, profoundly helpful for multiple tracking scenarios. Where there is (automated) tracking, there is enhanced accountability, the linchpin of consistent productivity! Examples, as each item is checkmarked as done:

  • Task / iOS Reminders Work list (or ToDoist/ToodleDo) → iOS Work Done cal
  • iOS Reminders Reading List → iOS Read It cal (wih option to add related notes later)
  • iOS Location channel → in/out times tossed to iOS Out & About cal

IFTTT’s iOS Channel: https://ifttt.com/ios_calendar

Apple’s pre-made applets (some reflected below) are cool, but the true power lies in creating an applet from scratch. If you’re an IFTTT novice, know the system will walk you through the creation steps. Def worth your time.

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