Enjoy Your Stationery Obsession with Easy Organization

Enjoy Your Stationery Obsession with Easy Organization

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Pens; highlighters, markers; A5, B5, A6, B6 journals & notebooks; and, refills — the need for order cries out from the buried home office desk. Conjuring organizational nirvana involves (1) thinking through how you spend your time with assorted tools; and, (2) devising a scheme embracing your workflow. This article details one woman’s roadmap to DeClutteredVille.


90% of the items discussed below were already in my home/garage, but I include approximate today pricing. Only a few items discussed exceed $25 and even then, the maximum falls under $35. Many organizational helpers live disguised in your kitchen, e.g. grocery store meat trays and cereal boxes. When that fails, DollarTree smiles.

No affiliate links appear on this page nor in its hidden coding. I have no relationship with anything or anyone referenced on this page. In short, I’m a happy camper —meaning: I just gotta share cost effective goodies.

Organizing Aids

Assorted products provide a hefty assist for implementing a global organizational scheme. Because the following items continue to prove their usefulness, I share.

✧︎︎︎ ClosetMaid Horizontal Stackable Shelves

Multiple wood-like colors, plus black and white
Multiple wood-like colors, plus black and white

  • 24″ W by 12″ H by by 12″ depth; 5-inch shelving space per divider
  • same except 32″W
  • $10–$15, depending on length (frequent sales in local stores)

Images below reflect one 3-stack of the 24″ organizers, and one 4-stack of the 32″ (against the wall). This is strictly plywood, so lining books or heavy items WILL cause a bow effect. Work-around: place a true wooden board over the shelf desired, but measure carefully!

Cords, writing instruments, index cards, stickies, etc ... out of sight
Cords, writing instruments, index cards, stickies, etc … out of sight

Despite decades of searching, I’ve found nothing coming close to the organizational prowess of these stackables. Different “pood” (pretend wood) colors are available, as are cans of spray paint. These guys have been in use throughout our homes for well over two decades, underscoring their longevity quality.

By the way, you may be tempted to place containers atop the organizer. Thought: wouldn’t you prefer a few eye-pleasing and air-quality enhancing plants? 🤔 Again, remain mindful of weight.

✧︎︎︎ Bundle of 25 Storage/Corrugated Cardboard boxes, $22/ Amazon

The ideal box size for the 24″ organizers = 10″ in width and length, with a maximum height of 4″. I use the same boxes in the 32″ long organizers, leaving adequate room to, e.g. stack junior size legal pads. By placing them at a far end of the shelf, I Duck the dreaded bow syndrome.

Oddly, the $19 10″ x 10″ x 4″ 25-pack I purchased from Amazon in 2016 is now available only in bundles of 100 or more. Thankfully, a substitute is available. The magic phrases for searching purposes: corrugated boxes or shipping boxes. Your shortcut to the mother lode page: Select-a-Size: Partners Brand. For roughly $20, you can grab your pack of 25 10x10x4 boxes.

These arrive flat, so you’ll need a box cutter and wide clear shipping tape. Slice off the box flaps otherwise forming the top of the box. Neatness counts— hence, the box cutter. Note: the 10×10 size allows turning the box so that the taped section parallels the organizer’s sides, leaving a clean front/appearance.

You can disguise the boxes with ease. Scour the spray paint section of Home Depot or Lowes, focusing on textured paint. My someday/maybe project list includes a textured paint simulating the color of sand. But even without paint, the repetition— multiple same-boxes lining the shelves— yields a net effect shouting orderliness. Pretty dang good for a buncha corny boxes, eh?

✧︎︎︎ Containers (to Place within the Boxes)

At the start, go grab your longest pen; measure it. This will tell you the minimum length of containers needed. I’ll revisit this subject in the section below, discussing a rolling cart.

● 👋🏽 Hi Grocery Store!

Pay attention when grocery shopping. The bottom of cereal boxes, trays holding meats and fruits, and similar smaller containers prove quite friendly to this segment of the organizing venture. The tray should be at least two inches high— hey, stationery nerds pack a serious collection of pens, so we need borders to hold the guys in place! 😜 These mini containers welcome repurposing to corral pens, highlighters and other writing instruments. We don’t care about appearance, since each will be buried within one of the shipping/corrugated boxes.

● Around the House, DollarTree, & Target

Those boxes containing checks? Perfect for storing highlighters.

Many Dollar Tree stores offer long narrow baskets, each capable of embracing a dozen or so writing instruments. Everything in DollarTree is either bundled (e.g. 3 for a buck), or a straight $1 bill. I grabbed these goodies at 3 for a buck a few years ago. Amazon also carries the same baskets, but at one heck of a mark-up: 6 for $9. I include a pic here so you’ll know precisely what to look for while prowling DollarTree aisles:

No Poindexter, Amazon does NOT always carry the best prices
No Poindexter, Amazon does NOT always carry the best prices

If you want to relieve the monotony of seeing those boxes in the shelves, a 20-minute browsing session at your local Target will prove a worthy time expenditure. The wide variety of baskets await a chance to compliment your decor. Take a tape measure with you, to ensure a desired basket will fit within the organizer.

✧︎︎︎ 6-Drawer Rolling Cart

Typically under $25, the current pricing for the Iris 6-Drawer Storage Cart is $32.

This is a good time to alert you to the goodness that is CamelCamelCamel.com. In addition to presenting a detailed pricing history on any item, you can set the amount you’re willing to pay, and receive an email notification when the item drops to that price. Of course, you’ll need to register for a free account as a requisite for such notifications. Don’t wanna give your true eMail address? No problem; here’s an easy free way to enjoy unlimited disposable addresses.
Small enough to roll under a desk, yet a powerhouse for organizing
Small enough to roll under a desk, yet a powerhouse for organizing

My all-things-writing joyful obsession includes fountain pens, introducing their own mountain of clutter: nibs, by type and manufacturer; cartridge refills, and, bottles of ink. Multiply that sad reality by mechanical lead pencils and rollerball pens. Ugh!

3 of the described long narrow baskets fit within each drawer! Think about it— 6 drawers x 3 baskets per, for a glorious 18 stash-it receptacles. Those baskets also fit within the corrugated boxes we discussed. That will embrace your pens.

✧︎︎︎ Fountain Pen Lovers’ Delight: 3 graduated-step width-adjustable stand

As regards bottled fountain pen ink, I’m delighted to share a sure-fire organizational method. Found in the kitchen (!!!) section of Amazon’s virtual shelves, the “steps” appear tailor-made for fondling bottles of fountain pen ink. It’s too tall to fit within a divided ClosetMaid shelf, but an excellent fit when the dividing horizontal shelf is eliminated.

This lives in the top shelf of my 32

The best options, at Amazon:
Madesmart 3.6 by 9.6 by 14-1/2 to 25-3/4 Inch Expandable Shelf Organizer


I'm LUVin' that bamboo vibe
I’m LUVin’ that bamboo vibe


Seville Classics 3-Tier Expandable Bamboo Spice Rack Step Shelf Organizer, similar measurements

Be sure to check out Seville’s variations. A smaller version is $13.



These badBoys shout “manna!” once in place. Tip: I keep a towel in the upper drawer of the nearby rolling cart. Fountain open lovers know why a towel must be within reach. Others → refilling fountain opens begs for ink-spotted hands, desktops, and anything else nearby.

My Cobbled-Together L-Shaped Desk

Everything needed/desired, at my fingertips I live within easy driving distance of this country’s alleged furniture mecca, Hickory Point, North Carolina. Discovery: sturdy desk furniture looked like it should be surrounded by cigar smoking big-belly bankers → too big, put-the-u-in-ugly eyesores.

Staples and crew offer modern desks, each destined to bow within weeks. Exception: glass desks. Because I have no inclination to polish glass on a daily basis, I passed. Conclusion: old-school quality good-looking desks are found in homes, not in standard stores. Read: howdy CraigsList, Goodwill, and similar spots.

The primary desk, secured from Craigslist for $40, is actually a disguised lab table. The sucka personifies solid construction. Hubby, a neighbor and I could all climb on top and play Soul Train; the table/desk would not blink. The metal legs have evenly spaced holes along their length, allowing adjustment to any height imaginable. The back sports a generous cut-out tray, hiding cables and cords. That cubby tray area, nestling 2 USB hubs and cables galore, runs the full 6-foot width of the desk. I share these details to emphasize a point: if you’re desk shopping, widen your search to include: lab table.

The second desk, a $25 purchase from a local mom & pop Goodwill-style store, is as sturdy as its mate. The big thrill here is twofold: the light wood matches it’s companion, and it has two wonderful spacious drawers.

Tip, regarding the black desk pad visible in the image: I learned there is such a thing as a soft desk pad, lovingly embracing forearms. The details: Extended Gaming Mouse Pad,Large Size 31.5 x 11.8 inches (World Map Edge), $5 (nope, not a typo; priced 4.27.2017); Cmhoo XXL Professional Large Mouse Pat & Computer Game Mouse Mat 35.4×15.7×0.1IN, Map, $15

Left drawer, L to R: Kuru Toga and TwistErase mechanical pencils, EnerGel pens, Uni Signo 270 pens, awaiting .38mm & .5mm Pilot Juice and Juice Up pen deliveries, and Pilot G2 0.7mm pens.

Twirling my chair for the left-side of my L-shaped desk - ready access to its drawers
Twirling my chair for the left-side of my L-shaped desk – ready access to its drawers

Right drawer: fountain pens crying “Me next, mommie, pleeeease!“; my beloved Platinum “always writes” .38mm Preppy fountain pens; Varsity fountain pens; assorted brown-ink only rollerball/gel ink pens; and, a set of Frixion stamps, tailored for the bullet journaling crowd. By the way, that container holding the Frixion stamps? In a former life, a tub of margarine. 😜

Yep, Frixion stamps, tailor-made for bullet journals
Yep, Frixion stamps, tailor-made for bullet journals

✧︎︎︎ Rolodex Shelf, for the Desktop

Excellent for smartphone and tablet stands
Excellent for smartphone and tablet stands

I’ve learned, the hard way: every item must have a designated home. Otherwise, I’ll wander around in a Where’s Waldo parody. This explains the multiple cell phone, iPad, and laptop stands situated around the house.

This Rolodex stand adds a shelf to my BigBoy home office desk, with a depth friendly to many device stands. My iPad lives here during the review sessions of my Evening and Morning Routines.

An Amazon Dot is hard-wired to the puck-like controller for the Bose computer speakers. Both round devices sit underneath that shelf. A tiny microphone, used to dictate some writings, is clipped to the front drawer of the Rolodex shelf. In short, the shelf yields twice as much space, taming an otherwise foe-real clutter zone.

Curing Lighting Woes with an “Outdoor Flood Light”

Situated atop a tall bookcase, with the light diagonally aimed to hit the wall. The light bounces back for full room coverage, withOUT glare/shadows
Adores Alexa

My home office sits within a portion of our Family Room. The addition of an enclosed backyard deck stripped the room of natural lighting. After going through several desk lamps, finding each lacking in NON-GLARE lighting output, I resolved to pinpoint a worthy replacement.

One late winter evening while out on the enclosed backyard deck, I marveled at the backyard floodlight turning night into day. Seconds later, I tapped out an order at Amazon for flood light #2, targeting my home office. There’s no on/off switch, a problem cured with a Pivot Genius or WeMo switch, married to Amazon Alexa. “Alexa, turn on the office light” signals this writer is ’bout to git wid it! Guess what? Best dang lighting in that room evahhhhh!  Situated atop a tall bookcase, with the light diagonally aimed to hit the wall, the light bounces back for full room coverage, withOUT glare/shadows. Yeah, baby!

A Quick Word About KnickKnacks & DooDads

Most writers know: at some point, we’ll stare at a screen wanting to write, but the brain refuses to cooperate. If we turn to paper, we hear it laugh.

I purchased my Lego buddies and porcelain birdies to weather-proof photo shoots. Torrential rains? Attack these guys and guyettes with my lens. But a secondary purpose materialized.

Yet another weapon in my be-productive arsenal
Yet another weapon in my be-productive arsenal

When a writer’s block blossoms, I lean back in my chair and turn toward what I dub Inspiration Lane. The sight sparks internal giggles → relaxation ← sufficient to break the block. Hey, who knew?!

Inducing Fidelity to my Morning/Evening Routines

Oh wow, early birds really do get the worm! (Carolina Wren, snapped @ Triangle area, NC)
Y’all know dang well imma sneak in a pic of one of my feathered buddies. LoL (Carolina Wren, snapped in Triangle area, NC)

As mentioned earlier, I end each day as I begin—with a review session. That means sitting at my desk, for optimal concentration. The problem: I didn’t always want to visit that desk at the appointed time. It wasn’t a question of furniture—my home office high back chair is ultra comfy. Rather, it just wasn’t …. um, inviting: dark and dingy, cluttered, more pain than gain. The lighting situation was resolved, as was the clutter. But I know me. I needed a “draw,” something inherently powerful enough to pull me to the area on a daily basis.

Spending considerable time in an easy chair, with tootsies propped up as I stared off into space, I mentally listed each of my habits (real or desired) falling under the “every day” category. Finally, a bingo kidnapped my attention.

I drove to Walmart, where I purchased an $11 manual/”switch” “4-cup” (2 mugs) coffee brewer. The cheap price reflects the absence of features, such as auto-off— a necessity for automation.  The machine is small enough to sit atop the rolling cart, located to the right of my desk. My rationale: I’d rely on my morning coffee jones to pull me into my home office. Once there, I’d sit to sip, with review tools sitting before me on the desk.

Update: over a year later, I’m delirious to confirm: it worked! And, my evening routine now includes replenishing the brewer for the next day, to accommodate my “Alexa, turn on office coffee” command around 4:15a (Twitter’s #5amWritingClub). Since the last step of the evening routine requires returning the brewer to its designated home, next to my desk, the big problem—getting into the area each evening—was also conquered.

Plus, a p.m. two-fer: gotta fill the carafe with water … kitchen sink … there, so clean out the sink and wipe down the counters! ( I LOATHE housework. This scheme encourages my grownup vibe.)

End result: if I skip either of these daily review sessions, it’s a deliberate choice, i.e. I performed the review that afternoon.


My home office represents hallowed ground, warm and inviting. Once I sit at my desk, any and everything I could possibly need or want is within my immediate reach. The highlighters dedicated to plotting the next day’s time blocked agenda remain in view, and my primary writing instruments sit within two multi-compartment pencil cups.

Why so many highlighters? Some refuse to ghost in my  Hobonichi Cousin / Jibun Techo bullet journal (dubbed HoJu BuJo 😎); others bleed, ghost, and just act da fool 😡. Some emphasize handwritten notations as desired; others are so dark they hide the writing. There IS a method to the madness!

Every pen/pencil has a home, each within arm’s reach. When a fountain pen runs out of ink, my bottled inks are close as are towels used during the ink refill process (top drawer/ rolling cart). Journals, of varied sizes, hues, and type (dotted, dotted lined, graph/grid (lined at 3.x mm,  6mm, or 7mm) rest behind me, lining a bookcase. Bonus: no more “oops” buys, sparked by mistaken Rats, I’m out! declarations, e.g. refills for a certain pen, found on the 31st day after ordering.

I took the time to sit, stare and study the entire desk area, mentally “watching” myself move back and forth on a typical day. That formed the basis of what should go where. I ate a weekend pulling it all together. My darlin’ grandmother’s admonition proved correct, yet again: “Baby, in this life you either pay on the front end, once, or pay on the continuum on the back end; but, you WILL pay. In this instance, I spent a finite period of time imagining, plotting, planning, and executing. Therefore, I won’t pay on the continuum through countless coerced where’s-Waldo episodes, losing time seeking rather than accomplishing.

Wait! There’s More 😏

Forget shoes. The over-the-door hanger serves as a #stationeryNerd’s BFF. Equally handy on the inside of a pantry door, too.


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Call to Action

Even the non-stationery addicted experience a build-up of supplies, leading to clutter. Questions:
  • Is the top of your desk friend or foe?
  • Are like items sorted with like items?
  • Can you now get your hands on what you need/want, within seconds?
  • Do you wish an I Dream of Jeannie counterpart would rescue you?

It may be time to take time to save time. Think. Imagine. Plan. Execute. My hunch? Once the deed is done, you’ll have earned one heck of an atta dude/dudette! 👍🏽 to add to your WIN! column. Bonus: your rejuvenated desk will surface as your hallowed ground, the productivity-enhancing self-gift that keeps on giving.

Enjoy Your Stationery Obsession with Easy Organization
Enjoy Your Stationery Obsession with Easy Organization


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