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♦️ Pub: Jul 24, 2017  |  Modified: Aug 25, 2018 @  |  Reading: < 1 min. | Words: 231 ♦️

The app, Eddie, sparked my interest last month. The lack of any reviews, combined with the price tag, instigated my request for a price drop alert from AppShopper.com. That alert arrived within this hour.

Eddie’s description page notes a live character and word count, as well as an intelligent search feature. My limited (less than 3 minutes) testing indicates:

  • search hits are boldfaced rather than highlighted
  • partial matches work; example: searching on face bolded that segment within the one word: sillyfaced
  • usage requires logging in, suggesting proprietary syncing; an account can be created from the same screen (Reflecting my habit, I used a 33mail.com alias.)
  • a title must be assigned during the initial creation process
  • the doc auto-saves

The Version History reveals a November 2016 debut date.

Eddie, usually $6.99, just turned free. No idea how long that pricing change will last.
Eddie, usually $6.99, just turned free. No idea how long that pricing change will last.

With further usage, this app may prove gem or dud. I have no clue how long Eddie will remain free, explaining why I’ve elevated a timely alert over my ability to provide a detailed review. Bottom-line: when it comes to saving 7 bucks on a writing app with a word count and auto-saving, I grab pronto, content to figure it out later. I’m thinking other folks may employ that same strategy. 😆

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