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Pocket Notebooks’ listing triggered a question: Hmm, my own top 8? 

  1. NanamiPaper’s B6 Cafe Note (5mm grid/ Tomoe River paper)
  2. Hobonichi Memo Books, almost A5/A6/B6 slim (3.7mm grid/ Tomoe River paper)
  3. Kokuyo Idea Notebook, A5/B6 Slim (3mm grid/ Tomoe River paper)
  4. Koukyo B5 Edinburgh, hardcover (6mm ruled, with dripmarks for alignment cues)
  5. Kokuyo B5 Campus Wide, hardcover (6mm & 7mm; ditto re alignment cues)
  6. Muji (multiple sizes), softcover (ruled, 6mm)
  7. Quo Vadis Habana journal B5, hardcover (ruled; 6mm, I think)
  8. Taroko Design’s Breeze notebook A5 (5mm grid/ Tomoe River paper. A Leuchtturm clone re features 🤗)

Amazon /eBay/ Etsy/ JetPens. 

Why? The paper + feint lines = rare, if any, ink-inspired woes. I admit: I’m a straight up stationery nerd. Translation: if Moleskine runs a one-cent sale, I’ll pass. Experience schooled me, so I know where quality lives and where it’s AWOL. My purchasing dollars flow accordingly. Reasonable pricing + stellar quality → I’m there!

… Psst! Yep, Tomoe River inserts for Traveler’s Notebooks hang out in various Etsy shops. Search: Tomoe River paper traveler’s notebook inserts

A rundown of 8 of the best notebooks for fountain pen users and what you should look for when choosing a notebook for fountain pens

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