QuickNote: WordPress.com: The Beauty of Automattic’s  Free CloudUp Service

  WordPress.com folks: didcha know? → The Automattic (parent of WordPress) family includes CloudUp.com. A CloudUp sign-up provides up 200gb of free space. In other words, free upload of roughly 1000 files. A ShortCode-style link (plain text link on a line by itself, no spaces before or after the link; NOT a hyperlink) embeds the file. It’s a hassle-free mechanism to  present a file, e.g.  easy scrollable reading of a PDF, directly on your site. 

Cloudup is one interesting service from Automattic which offers a simple way to capture screenshot with a shortlink. You can also upload images, videos, music, pdfs, etc. and quickly convert…

Source: Share images and files using CloudUp – Carl Alberto

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