How to Download Your iOS App with Astonishing Ease.(Ring-Billed Gull. Snapped @ Lake Lynn Park, Raleigh NC)

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You’ve been TRYing to download or upgrade an iOS app, but the App Store refuses to cooperate. Download relief = freebie app BetterNet!

The iOS App Store Problem

Apple’s App Store loves to mimic Windows Vista. Result: I find myself in the crosshairs of “just irks.” The golden era of “just works” lives only in the rear view window. Googling tentative cures confirms: my experience lacks uniqueness.

One ongoing hassle concerns downloading update files. Hiccup-style reliability. After working my way through a dozen or so theoretical resolutions, without success, I stumbled onto yet another alleged fix. This one was different. It worked, immediately. Kicker: months of use, and it rarely fails in the designated task: get the friggin’ file! 😡

Grabbing the Fix

Grab your iOS app
Grab your iOS app
Visit the App Store; download freebie BetterNet VPN. Since everyone and his momma is jumping aboard the perceived SaaS gravy train, you’ll need to pay attention. Ignore the gimme-dough screens, moving on until—finally—you reach the standard no-cost screen. Follow its screen prompts for configuration, which takes only 1-2 minutes. Don’t freak when a warning appears about installing a “profile.” That’s part of the process. Know you can turn it on and off as desired, in a no fuss manner.

The first-time connection must be done within the app. This triggers a game. The dev wants you to believe payment is required. It is not. When that fails, a bogus video starts for the slow of hand. Fortunately, after the maiden voyage, entering the iOS Settings permits one-tap re-connection and disconnection of this VPN app.

I follow simple rules. Go out of your way to aggravate; I refuse to reward you with cash. In short, no bullying your way into my wallet. I’ll pay a flat fee, but precious few apps offer sufficient value to rationalize payments on the continuum.

Pulling Apps with Apparent Tummy Aches

When you’ve grown weary of trying to download an app, visit the ios Settings app and toggle the VPN switch. Look in the upper left corner of your screen. A successful connection shows “VPN” near that corner. Return to the App Store. Tap the stubborn app. Sometimes the download zips to the device. Other times, I depart to read the news for five or so minutes. Soon, the same app thwarting my download attempts, for weeks, shows up my screen, signaling success.

Once your mission is accomplished, if you prefer to turn off the VPN Profile installed during the configuration phase, no problem. Enter the iOS Settings screen; within the first group, you’ll see the VPN Profile toggle switch directly under Bluetooth. Toggle it off (no green). Done!

BetterNet's VPN
BetterNet’s VPN

Call to Action

Apple’s version of quality sent me to a Chromebook, rather than my traditional MacBook Air purchase. Likewise, for the first time since tech gained prominence (Sony Clie, anyone?), my iPhone remains several generations behind.

Until I locate comparable essential apps on the Android platform, I’m in grin & bear it mode. Little tricks like the one described here minimize the cussin’. Meanwhile, anyone care to recommend an Android phone, with reasons? Looking fir a Project Fi phone.

How to Download Your iOS App with Astonishing Ease.(Ring-Billed Gull. Snapped @ Lake Lynn Park, Raleigh NC)
How to Download Your iOS App with Astonishing Ease.(Ring-Billed Gull. Snapped @ Lake Lynn Park, Raleigh NC)

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