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Coming attractions: WordPress posting character limit, creating a portfolio, hysterical Answer Bots, & more.



1️⃣ New public resources.

I created two public resources, a FlipBoard magazine and a Pinterest board, both dedicated to WordPress.com. As I locate articles helpful to a styling / tweaking chore, or otherwise relevant to WordPress.com folks, I add it to one or both.

FYI: My original intent involved only Pinterest. But either some site owners turn off Pinterest friendliness, or Pinterest simply chokes on the site. FlipBoard emerged as my backup.

  • Flipboard: WordPress.com Goodness
  • Pinterest: Blogging: WordPress.com

2️⃣ Next project: adding a Google-based Editorial Calendar to the site. The associated link will appear in the header menu section gracing every page. Biggest hassle thus far: Google’s infernal truncated entries. Gotta figure out a workaround. Choices uncovered:

  • Embedded Google Calendar, Agenda View
  • WordPress.com Upcoming Events shortcode
  • display-posts shortcode, limited to “future” posts

Coming Attractions: Blog

✧︎︎︎ Thursday the 19th, Article:

WordPress.com: Conjuring a Polished Portfolio (While Conquering the Fear)

I exploited the WordPress.com portfolio feature. Two-fold net result: multiple band-aids stuck to assorted corners of my brain; the portfolio IS up and running. I fed it breakfast and lunch, but dinner’s still stewin’.

Think you might want a portfolio too? Spoiler alert: select your best work; be prepared to create new work to showcase; replenish your coffee/green tea supply; rifle through the Themes Directory for one worthy of your work.

By the way, wondering if you need a portfolio? Cliff Notes version: you have skills. One or more merits payment. Every work activity involves tools. A worthy portfolio shows the quality of your work. Exercise your imagination to highlight your skill in manipulating those tools → portfolio!

✧︎︎︎ Daily: Quote of the Day

This week’s fountains of wisdom include Dick Gregory, Malcolm X, and Maya Angelou.

✧︎︎︎ Monday the 16th:

Audio: The Look of Love – Peter White

✧︎︎︎ Tuesday the 17th:

QuickNote: WordPress.com: Posting Character Count Limit

(Hint: you’ll get carpal tunnel syndrome 200 times over before ya get within a Southern country mile of the limit)

✧︎︎︎ Wednesday the 18th:

Bird Photography: a magnificently colored duck hailing from Asia. I’ve dubbed him Nature’s tux(edo).

Friday the 20th:

Video: Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten

Saturday the 21st:

QuickNote: Link: Introducing Answer Bots, Jacking RoboCallers

One word: hysterical! 😂😂

Sunday the 22nd:

Blogging holiday

Schedule: Twitter #5amWritersClub 4-5a 🎵 Daily Tweet 🎵 (@writesquire)

My eyes pop open, sans alarm. Alexa honors my request, playing fave Old-School tunes. Pushes my skleeboop outta da bed, every dang time:

  • Mon/ 16th: Etta James – At Last
  • Tue/ 17th: Michael Henderson – Take Me, I’m Yours
  • Wed/ 18th: Angela Bofill – I Try
  • Thu/ 19th: GQ – I Do Love You
  • Fri/ 20th: Average White Band – A Love of Your Own
  • Sat/ 21st: TLC – Creep
  • Sun/ 22nd: TLC – No Scrubs

(Psst! Wanna see the YouTube videos of previously tweeted tunes? Check out my Pinterest stash.)

Passing Thought

I watched a reporter thrust a microphone into a woman’s face. The latter, with home in the background visibly destroyed by Nature’s fury, appeared serene. Then the reporter asked “How do you feel?” The woman responded with a few choice words, stopped mid-syllable, turned, and walked away. Strength of character coaxed an abrupt pivot, refusing the moment’s temptation.

In an age when blatant egotistical bloviating ignoramuses continue to kidnap the spotlight, don’t allow external forces to steal your core. The M&M Crew (Mental Midgets) may induce reasons for extreme responsive behavior. None constitutes a valid excuse.

Y’all enjoy a healthy, fun, productive week! 👋🏽😎

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