QuickNote: Introducing Answer Bots, Jacking RoboCallers

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♦️ Pub: Oct 21, 2017  |  Modified: Sep 17, 2018 @  |  Reading: < 1 min. | Words: 141 ♦️

Beyond hysterical! Spammer/scammer calls, thinks a human is on the line, and talks with … a robot! The best feature? No more spam sent to voicemail. Check out the recording on the linked page for a delightful giggleFest!

Answer Bots, a feature of the popular RoboKiller spam call blocking app, are hilarious pre-recorded audio messages designed to stop unwanted calls. They trick unsolicited callers into thinking they’re speaking with a real person, and as long as they think they are speaking to a real person, they can’t hang up – it’s against their rules. This hilarious example is just one of the many designed to keep callers on the phone and protect other unsuspecting victims from receiving these unwanted calls.

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