"Mass Shootings": Mental Health and Other Alleged Culprits, Debunked (Goslings. Snapped @ Lake Johnson, Raleigh, NC)

“Mass Shootings”: Mental Health and Other Alleged Culprits, Debunked



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Scapegoats. Excuses. Debunked theories: mental illness, a super-violent culture. The list goes on, as does mass shooting carnage. Learn. ACT!

An Overview of Mainstream “Mass Shootings” Discussions

Horrendous “perpetrator” events coax label grasping, something to tuck away the evil, segregating it from the norm. One with foreign-looking features triggers a terrorist assumption. Rosy-cheeked white males —whether shooting up school classmates or bringing down a third of a federal building— more likely induce a non-professional “mental illness” declaration.

Within the realm of mass shootings, terrorism and mental illness emerge as typical knee-jerk assumptions. Stoked by TV talking heads untrained in the nuances of either concept, monkey-hear monkey-speak parroting ensues. The robotic language of the discussions, on its face, mirrors adherence to a script: Now is not the time to play politics by discussing gun control…. Guns don’t kill … obviously mentally ill people kill …

An Abbreviated Tour of Mass Shootings’ Gut-Wrenching Heartache

A handful of examples underscore America’s unique record in the “mass shootings” arena:

✦︎ November 5, 2017— Sutherland Springs, TX: Baptist Church, during service 1

  • 26 killed (aged 18-months to 72), 20 injured
  • Perpetrator: Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, white; suicide at scene
  • Motive: ill-will toward mother-in-law, who frequented the targeted church
  • Weapon: semi-automatic rifle
  • Notes: 2014 dishonorable discharge from the Air Force, domestic violence

✦︎ October 1, 2017— Las Vegas, NV: concert, attended by 22,000 2

  • 59 dead, 527 injured
  • Perpetrator: Stephen Paddock, 64, white; killed at scene
  • Motive: (undetermined)
  • Weapon: AR-15-style rifles

✦︎ December 2, 2015— San Bernardino, Calif.: conference hall 3

  • 14 dead, 17 wounded
  • Perpetrator: Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik; killed at scene
  • Motive: Islamic terrorism
  • Weapon: Two semi-automatic rifles, two 9mm semi-automatic pistols, pipe bombs

✦︎ June 17, 2015— Charleston, S.C.: historic Black church, during Bible study 4

  • 9 dead (ages 26 to 87)
  • Perpetrator: Dylan Storm Roof, 21, White; federal death sentence
  • Motive: proud white supremacist
  • Weapon: semiautomatic handgun

✦︎ Dec. 14, 2012. Newtown, Conn.: Sandy Hook Elementary School 5

  • 20 students & 6 school employees dead
  • Perpetrator: Adam Lanza, 20, White; suicide at scene
  • Motive: (undetermined)
  • Weapon: Bushmaster XM15-E2S (.223), Glock 20SF (10mm)
  • Notes: Killed mother earlier that day.

✦︎ April 16, 2007. Blacksburg, Va.: Virginia Tech 6

  • 32 dead, 17 injured
  • Perpetrator: Seung-Hui Cho, 23, Asian, a senior; suicide at scene
  • Motive: (undetermined)
  • Weapon: .22-caliber Walther P22 semi-automatic handgun, 9 mm semi-automatic Glock 19 handgun

✦︎ April 20, 1999. Columbine, Colorado: Columbine High School 7

  • 13 dead, 20+ wounded
  • Perpetrator: Dylan Klebold, 17; Eric Harris, 18; both White; suicide at scene
  • Motive: revenge for bullying
  • Weapon: Intratec TEC-DC9 assault pistol, Hi-Point 9mm Carbine, Savage 67H pump-action shotgun, and a Savage 311-D 12-gauge shotgun


A productive discussion, sourced in intellectual honesty, mandates a common understanding of base terms.

✦︎ “Mass Shooting” Defined 8

The law provides no definition. Nor does an official set of criteria offer the contours of a “mass shooting.” Rather, the squishy definition, as corralled by the FBI, suggests: killing at least 4 people, usually confined to a single location. As a result, John Muhammad and Lee Malvo —the notorious rifle-toting snipers targeting DC and Virginia innocents during three weeks in October 2002— are deemed “serial killers” as opposed to “mass shooters.”

✦︎ “Mental Illness” Defined 9

The Psychiatric Association relies on a textbook to discern and diagnose mental illness: the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (currently, the DSM-5). Diagnosis is partially dependent on interviews with the subject.

The precise legal definition differs from state to state. As a general rule, all focus on the same baseline: was the individual able to distinguish right from wrong, and comport him-/herself accordingly, during the relevant timeframe.

✦︎ “Terrorism” Defined 10

The U.S. code restricts the terrorism label to “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.” The FBI’s functional definition: violence inspired by “extremist ideologies of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.” Given the 2016 Florida massacre of gay nightclub patrons, these definitions will likely see revisions.

Discarding the Usual Culprits Used to Explain Mass Shootings

Mental Health and Other Alleged “Mass Shooting” Culprits, debunked
Mental Health and Other Alleged “Mass Shooting” Culprits, debunked

The usual scapegoats trotted out to explain America’s growing mass shootings dilemma include:

  • the unusually violent nature of the country
  • strife sourced in racial divisions
  • mental illness unaddressed by the nation’s health system.

But an increasing number of research studies debunk those theories, all agreeing on an single cause: the nation’s love affair with guns. The New York Times, in a November 7, 2017 article, confirms 270 million guns in the hands of Americans, exclusive of law enforcement and the military. No other country’s gun possession exceeds 46 million. The world’s population approximates 7.6 billion people; the U.S. population, 323.1 million. Yet a 2012 Congressional Research Service study found Americans owning almost half of the 650 million guns owned by civilians worldwide.

The Question Posed, Worldwide: Why Doesn’t America ACT to Curtail Mass Shootings?

The true culprit? Follow the money
The true culprit? Follow the money

Every American comprehends: politics rule this nation. Politicians, elected to office, must indulge the  campaign trail. Campaigns trigger an insatiable need for money. Lobbyists provide the requisite funds.

Referencing the NRA (National Rifle Association), a/k/a the gun lobby, the Business Insider notes:

The bulk of the group’s money now comes in the form of contributions, grants, royalty income, and advertising, much of it originating from gun industry sources.

In short, the gun lobby retains its premier enabler status, inducing homage by politicians through funds provided by those who manufacture gun$. 11 1 plus 1 equals 2. Money talk$. Within the current context, its oozes —like blood— in mantra-like fashion: Now is not the time to play politics … with a gun control discussion… Our prayers go out to the victims and their loved ones…

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✦︎ Breaking News during opening days of August 2018

The NRA Says It’s in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be ‘Unable to Exist’Rolling Stone

The NRA Says It’s in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be ‘Unable to Exist’

The National Rifle Association warns that it is in grave financial jeopardy, according to a recent court filing obtained by Rolling Stone, and that it could soon “be unable to exist… or pursue its advocacy mission.” (Read the NRA’s legal complaint at the bottom of this story.)

NRA Says It Faces A Financial Crisis In Lawsuit Against New York State Officials : NPR

The National Rifle Association says it could soon face a financial crisis that will force it to shut down some of its operations, including broadcasts by its NRA TV division.

Mass Shootings since Sandy Hook, in One Map: vox.com

vox.com Post Sandy Hook Mass Shootings map
vox.com Post Sandy Hook Mass Shootings map

2019 Update

QNLink3   SourceWashington Post (05.20.2019)
We need to stop focusing on the mental health of mass shooters

This practice is not just a phenomenon of the post-Columbine era of mass shootings. It has its roots in the early 20th century, and it represents an effort to shift blame and find an area of consensus after massacres that could otherwise force uncomfortable conversations. In the process, this practice fosters stigma against one of the most vulnerable groups of Americans: the mentally ill.

QNLink3   SourceKCUR (05.21.2019)
Are School Shootings Becoming More Frequent? We Ran The Numbers
If in recent years it seems that school shootings are happening more frequently, occupying public discourse and media coverage, it’s because they are. Although school shootings are still very rare compared to daily gun violence, the data show they are happening more often.

QNLink3   SourceBloomberg (05.21.2019)
Arming Teachers: Mass Shootings Won’t Be Ended by Guns in Schools
Florida this month became the latest state to allow teachers to carry guns at school — even though there is no evidence to suggest this can reduce school violence, and ample reason to fear the unintended consequences.

QNLink3   SourceVox (04.19.2019)
Columbine anniversary: America sees roughly one mass shooting a day
We don’t have good data going back to the Columbine massacre. But we do have data going back to another school shooting, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.

Since the Sandy Hook shooting, there have been more than 2,000 mass shootings in which four or more people, excluding the shooter, were shot but not necessarily killed. Nearly 2,300 people have been killed and almost 8,400 have been wounded.

QNLink3   SourceUSA | Al Jazeera (04.01.2019)
The Aftermath: Mass Shootings in the US
We explore the trauma of mass shootings in the US and how communities grapple with the reality that they could be next.

Call to Action

Politicians represent us. Our tax dollars pay their salaries and profoundly generous health insurance. Have you reminded each: I am the boss!?

  • You can pray until you faint, but unless you get up and try to do something, God is not going to put it in your lap. — Fannie Lou Hamer
  • God doesn’t do the work for you; he does the work through you. It’s not enough to look up; you must also look within. — Patti LaBelle

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 "Mass Shootings": Mental Health and Other Alleged Culprits, Debunked (Goslings. Snapped @ Lake Johnson, Raleigh, NC)
“Mass Shootings”: Mental Health and Other Alleged Culprits, Debunked (Goslings. Snapped @ Lake Johnson, Raleigh, NC)