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WordPress.com’s Older “Press This” BookMarklet Bids an Abrupt Farewell

Personal Opinion: WordPress opted to take one heck of a wrong turn sometime during the past week or so. Clicking the “Press This” bookmarklet now yields only a “deprecated” message.

My investigation led to a forum thread, with alleged alternatives presented. Trying most confirmed: ease of use has been replaced with idiotic mechanisms guaranteeing only more onerous steps to what the bookmarklet handled smoothly.

✦︎ The forum thread

Note/ iOS users: I employed the WordPress app via the system Share Sheet. This grabbed only the article’s title. I’d say more, but I don’t allow myself to indulge cuss fests on this site.

The Fix: Grab the “Calypso” Version of the Bookmarklet

You’ll need to perform this task from a desktop, using your preferred browser. Enter your Admin area, then
✦︎ Settings → Writing → Scroll down
Find the Press This button. Tap, hold, and drag to your browser Faves bar.

I followed this procedure twice, ensuring the Press This bookmarket appears within both my Chrome and Safari browsers. Works as expected. But really, WordPress, the courtesy of a heads-up would have been MUCH appreciated!

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