2018 Prep: How to Change Your Default Google Calendar

Changing your default gCal


Google refuses the expected mechanism to reset what it dictates as your default calendar. You’ll need a desktop, but you CAN change your default Google Calendar.

Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

Suggested Tools to Expedite Changing the Default Google Calendar

The one company heralding mobile takeover of all-things-net plays deaf, dumb, and blind within the context of simply assigning a different default calendar. The first calendar crested received this designation. My 2018 Prep list includes banishing such irrational irritants. Here, we focus on curing this Google-induced silliness.

Preliminary SetUp

Google Chrome Store: Zip Extractor
Google Chrome Store: Zip Extractor
  1. Google Chrome on a desktop
  2. Google Drive on a desktop
  3. Install the Zip Extractor Chrome extension (me: Chromebook)
  4. Handle the required Google permissions re Zip Extractor

Quick note: I have a 27″ Mac on my desk, and a MacBook Air. I chose my ChromeBook for this mission for one reason: I assumed sticking with Google products throughout would make this task easier. (Yes, I tried my iPad first. Got nowhere, fast.)

Preparing for the Revision: the Export Party

To pull off this mission, you must first jump through a few hoops —what I dub the Export Party …

  1. Pinpoint your current default cal, e.g. FirstCalCreated
  2. Create a new cal, e.g. FirstCalCreated2
  3. Hover your cursor to the right of FirstCalCreated cal until the menu appears (3 dots in a vertical row) → click to open drop-down menu → select Settings
  4. On the far left, select Import & Export OR click Export Calendar → Export your FirstCalCreated calendarsave to Google Drive. You’ll soon see a .zip version of the FirstCalCreated cal appear in your gDrive.
  5. Move to the calendar you want to use as your new default calendar, e.g. UseThisOneNuttyGoogle. Using the same steps as above, export UseThisOneNuttyGoogle. This will produce another zip file in gDrive.
  6. After you’ve exported / saved the events in your FirstCalCreated default calendar, it’s time to empty that calendar. To ensure your success at this step, I refer you to Google’s official how-to-delete-all-entries page. Suggestion: read through all comments first, to prevent excessive heart palpitations.

Finally, Doin’ Da Deed: FirstCalCreated → UseThisOneNuttyGoogle

Success! HL now replaces old Contacts as the default Google Calendar
Success! HL now replaces old Contacts as the default Google Calendar

You’ve exported two calendars: the default FirstCalCreated, and the one you prefer as your new default cal, UseThisOneNuttyGoogle. You’ve deleted all entries in the FirstCalCreated. Now, we transform your Google Calendar into YOUR world, as it should be.

  1. Tap FirstCalCreated. Hover to the right of its name until the 3-vertical-dots menu shows. Choose Settings. At the top left, you’ll see Import & Export. Tap it.
  2. Under Import, tap Select file from your computer. Find the ics file of your preferred UseThisOneNuttyGoogle for your new default calendar. To explode the zip file, double tap it. A new folder appears, where you’ll find the needed UseThisOneNuttyGoogle.ics file. Select it. In the calendar section under the selection button, BE SURE your desired default (FirstCalCreated ) cal is selected. If not, click the down arrow to select it.
  3. Tap IMPORT to the right of the described selection boxes.
  4. Close Settings.
  5. Choose FirstCalCreated and inspect the contents, confirming the imported entries appear.
  6. Chose the 3-vertical-dots menu to the right of FirstCalCreated, and select Rename. Enter your version of a UseThisOneNuttyGoogle name.

You now have your preferred calendar situated as your new default calendar. One last housekeeping chore, assuming you want the entries from the original default calendar.

  1. Remember that FirstCalCreated2 you created. Going through the above steps, import the default cal’s ics file contents into this calendar.

Closing Thoughts re Changing the Default Google Calendar

Let me be frank. It may be perfectly fine to rename the “2” file, dropping that trailing 2 to re-use the original default name. I chose to keep the trailing 2 (FirstCalCreated2) in the name as a precaution.

Google forces a ridiculous process to simply establish a new default calendar. As a direct result, I assume that idiocy infects other aspects of the calendar scheme. To my mind, re-employing the same original default calendar name begs for trouble —the system might re-establish it as THE default calendar, simply due to the duplicate name. I don’t know. What I DO know is the process I outlined here works. So BrainGirl here ain’t messing with it.

Your world. Do as you please. In any event, enjoy YOUR preferred calendar as YOUR new default!

Call to Action

Ahhh, the joys of free. I watched myself waste time, repeatedly, moving an item tossed into the default calendar to the desired calendar. As thoughts moved to preparing for 2018, I listed frequently encountered irritants to KILL! This particular electronic varmint zoomed into my top five targets.

Minor irritants combine, creating a cesspool of waste with swirling negativity. What’s on your list? An app causing more grief than it’s worth? Resolve to fix it or lose it. A hang-out buddy inducing more angst than joy per rarely-ending complaints, who backstabs others (trust me, your back also wears a bullseye), and/or plays the central role in Drama Central? Ease on down the road, in a different direction. No pain, no gain applies.

Bottom-line: you, and we, deserve your best you. Your world materializes precisely as you arrange it. Surround yourself with something foul, you’ll wear the stink. Apps can be helpful, when tamed. Folks? Accept as is, or walk away. Taking the time now to implement the fix will save time, and spare aggravation, long term.

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