World Braille Day: Enlightenment Resources. (Southern Lapwing, (South America); Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)

Jan 4th = World Braille Day: 11+ Enlightenment Resources



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Formally recognized awareness days include January 4th, marked as World Braille Day. Article and video resources provide enlightenment.

Braille Works: 5 Interesting Facts for World Braille Day: January 4th

Jan 5, 2016
Braille is not it’s own language but rather a code that can be translated into many languages. Includes alphabet depiction.

TED Talk: How new technology helps blind people explore the world

Recorded Oct 2015
How can we navigate the world without using the sense of vision? New tech helps blind people explore the world independently. When we design for greater accessibility, everyone benefits.

TED-Ed: How Braille was invented

Invention of Braille
Invention of Braille

Mar 6, 2017

Today, Braille is the universally accepted system of writing for the blind, translated into almost every language across the globe. But it didn’t start out as a tool for the blind. Witness the surprising wartime origins of Braille.

TED Blog: FITTLE, a toy to help blind children read

Helping blind kids read
Helping blind kids read

Aug 2, 2013

A new toy for the blind, FITTLE, helps blind children learn to read Braille while getting a sense of the shape of the world around them. This essay explains the toy and how it came about.

TED Talk: How technology allowed me to read

Blind: Clever tech tools
Blind: Clever tech tools

Recorded July 2013

This charming, moving talk celebrates the progression of clever tools and adaptive computer technologies that make reading and other taken-for-granted chores possible.

TEDxGateway; Why did we make the worlds’ first braille smartwatch?

Apr 5, 2016 (YouTube)

The Dot, a device strapping around the wrist like a watch, uses magnets + a grid of pins to create 4 braille characters at a time. The pins change at adjustable speeds, allowing users to read text messages and use apps on any device via Bluetooth.

TEDxGateway: An eye-pad for the blind and much more from this 15 year old

Blind: Eye-pad
Blind: Eye-pad

Dec 27, 2013

This 15-year old youngster’s passion for building things led to the invention of the Virtual Brailler. This eye-pad for the blind serves as a low cost ebook reader for the visually challenged, revolutionizing book accessibility to millions of people.

Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Blind: phone
Blind: phone

Feb 6, 2015

World Health Organization: 22% of the world’s 285 million sight-impaired people are in India. This 29-year-old’s ambition is to make life far easier for the visually impaired by creating a Braille phone.

Lack of development funding had an upside. The gentleman launched a blind-friendly application for a smartphone.

TedTalk: How a blind architect designs

Blind: architect's designing
Blind: architect’s designing

Nov 12, 2013

This architect experienced sudden blindness. He contrasts life in his beloved San Francisco before and after. Thoughtful designs enhancing his life makes make everyone’s life better, sighted or not.

Business Insider: Here’s how blind people use smartphones

Feb. 22, 2017

Smartphones can be used without sight. Simple accessibility tweaks and software empower blind people to navigate websites and use apps just like the rest of us. Here’s how. Tipo Braille Smartphone Keypad Is a Brilliantly Simple Interface

Blind: phone keypad
Blind: phone keypad

Nov 14, 2017

A keyboard using 6 keys to input characters, the Tipo also serves as a Braille trainer. This prototype won the Hackaday Prize for Best Product.

Chieko Asakawa: How new technology helps blind people explore the world

Learning through a Braille dicta-teacher

Sanskriti Dawle and Aman Shrivastava at TEDxBITSGoa – YouTube


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World Braille Day: Enlightenment Resources. (Southern Lapwing, (South America); Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)
World Braille Day: Enlightenment Resources. (Southern Lapwing, (South America); Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)

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