National Clean Your Desk Day (Red-Crested Cardinal. Snapped @ the National Zoological Park, Washington DC)

Jan.’s 2nd Monday = National Clean Your Desk Day



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Need motivation? An office toilet seat? Cleaner that the typical desk! Yeah, thought that would do it. Clear, then clean!

C’mon now, y’all. We all know how to clear & clean a desk. But hey, wazza little procrastination among buds, ‘specially when the articles are on point?! 😀

The Basics

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How To Physically Clean Your Computer

QNLink3   SourceTotal Jobs
Workplace hygiene: 6 office germ hotspots

QNLink3   SourceJournal of Accountancy
Tips for cleaning up your workspace

QNLink3   SourceCareer Contessa
How to Clean + Organize Your Desk

QNLink3   SourceHBR
The Case for Finally Cleaning Your Desk

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Why Clean Your Desk? → Funky Germs, up da wazoo!

We know to protect ourselves when approaching any public restroom. Turns out, that’s the least of our concerns. 😱

✦︎ How to Keep a Tidy Desk | HuffPost

Gotta luv the Huffington Post folks! They realllllly know how to get ya movin’ on the targeted task.

Me germ-- grrrr
Me germ– grrrr

According to a study conducted by the University of Arizona, a typical worker’s desk has hundreds of times more bacteria than an office toilet. Germs found on your desk, phone and other private surfaces can cause pneumonia and other serious illnesses.

✦︎ Is your desk as gross as mine? Time to clean up!

icky germ-- eech!
icky germ– eech!

| |

A 2002 study by the University of Arizona found that the typical desk has more bacteria per square inch — more than 400 times more — than an office toilet seat. It also found that desks and the phones on them are breeding grounds for viruses that cause the very colds currently sweeping through the newsroom of the Inquirer, Daily News, and

Don’t Believe in an Orderly Desk? Be Aware of the Signals Conveyed.

Ugh! Just a twee bit disorderly, eh?
Ugh! Just a twee bit disorderly, eh?

[photo credit: Jeffrey Beall World’s Messiest Office Cubicle Discovered in Colorado via photopin (license)]

Some folks, beaming with pride, think a messy desk proves “busyness.” Ummm, not quite, SherlockReena!

✦︎ Keep It Clean: What Does Your Desk Say About You?

| Business News Daily |
Short version: your desk “is a reflection of you.” If you’re in the 9-to-world, be mindful of what the state of your desk shouts to your boss.

✦︎ The Negative Relationship Between a Messy Desk and Productivity

| |

✦︎ Can a Clean Desk Really Boost Your Productivity at Work?

One smooth dude, doin' that work "thang"
One smooth dude, doin’ that work “thang”

| Shape Magazine |

January is all about fresh starts and taking the time to accomplish things you didn’t get the chance to do last year—like maybe finally dealing with your messy, cluttered desk at the office. In honor of National Clean Off Your Desk Day today (yep, that’s real), we decided to find out …

✦︎ 5 Office Organizing Tips That Will Take You From Cluttered to Productive

| Brian Tracy |
Hmmm, might explain how the man manages to draft/ edit/ proof/ finalize so many bestsellers.

✦︎ Spring Cleaning: 8 Ways to Clean Your Desk at Home and at Work and Boost Productivity

| Zebra Pen |

A clean workspace makes for a productive workspace. Use these tips to help you get started today.

✦︎ 5 Desk Organization Hacks That Even Work For Messy People

| Well+Good |
Start with your definition of organized. Massage it to enter the zip code of true organization, as in efficiency reigns supreme.

The Nitty Gritty: cleaning tips to tame your desk.

So THAT's what the desk top looks like!
So THAT’s what the desk top looks like!

✦︎ 5 Ways To Clean Up Computer Cable Clutter Under Your Desk

| Make Use Of |

✦︎ How to Clean a Laptop Screen

Streaks drive me nuts (short drive, but still…). Learn the proper cleaning techniques so as not to engage in self defeat.
| 7 Computer Monitor Cleaning Tips and Recipes |

✦︎ Clean Your Desk in 6 Steps

| Mindful Living Network |

✦︎ 6 reasons to clean off your desk!

| Lux Ambition |

✦︎ How To Clean Your Office Desk With Our Step-By-Step Guide

| Kit Out My Office |

✦︎ How to Embrace a Stationery Obsession with Organization

| writesquire (😁) |

✦︎ Money Too Tight to Buy Organizer$?

No problem-oh! Grab some small-ish empty (soup, etc) cans or boxes (e.g. checkbooks) from home. If you choose a can, cover the top with masking or duct tape —precludes inadvertent cuts. Hit the local chain hardware store with six bucks (cheaper than Amazon). Stroll the textured spray paint aisle. Select. Or, regular paint. In a well-ventilated area, do your thing.

Idea: old CD containers, but you’ll need a drill. Glue ‘me together to create a stack. Before you indulge your glue party, slip pennies into the bottom CD, adding weight for stability. If you don’t want to hear jiggling pennies, glue ‘me to the inside-bottom of the bottom CD. Drill holes in the top. Again, spray paint proves quite the friend.

Googling → diy pencil cups ← provides additional ideas.

✦︎ 6 All-Natural Ways To Quickly Clean Your Office Space

| Simplemost | April 22, 2016
Skip to #2, re cleaning the keyboard.

✦︎ How to get your messy workspace under control

| Fortune |

✦︎ 10 tips for keeping your desk clean and tidy

| Life Clever |

✦︎ How to Physically Clean Your PC and More

| PC Gamer |

✦︎ How To Clean Your Computer Screen Without Leaving Streaks

| Apartment Therapy |

Call to Action

Seriously, the germ factor alone should propel ya into curative action! If not, just for the heck of it, try keeping an orderly desk during a single one-week period. My hunch? Feeling the difference will push a realization: because orderliness encourages rather than discourages me, I’ll make it a habit.

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