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Perspective hack: Rather than looking forward as the year unfolds, I pretend the current date ends with “2019.” Looking back, my mind speaks in the past tense, delighted that I xyz’d and abc’d. Thoughts free flow. From that vantage point, I jump to my desk, anxious to wed thoughts to paper. As I reach for the pen, I tell myself I won the lottery— removing money as a potential obstacle.

Single pic as vision board:Lift off!! (Ring-Billed Gull, Virginia Beach, VA)
Single pic as vision board: Lift off!! (Ring-Billed Gull, Virginia Beach, VA)

With hand gliding across the page, I mindmap the path from daydream to end-year list of achievements, i.e. goals. Quarterly milestones → monthly → weekly → by day, one step at a time. The resulting umbrella Master Plan lives in a Hobonichi Weeks. I pinpoint the brick-laying timing and detailed specifics in my EDtC Jibun Techo (EveryDay everyThing Carry). A single picture adorns the JT—forming my vision board—dubbed Lift Off


You can blend this tactic with blogger Lisa’s mission, i.e. looking back on 2017 to discern and relish accomplishments (fuel to power the next leg of your journey).

What’s on Your Writer’s *I Did It List*

QNLink3   SourceLisa Romeo Writes (the blog): What’s on Your Writer’s *I Did It List* for 2017?

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