WordPress iOS App: How to Master Emoji Inclusion

WordPress iOS App: How to Master Emoji Inclusion


A seat-of-the-pants grrr discovery: including certain emojis within the iOS WordPress client, title or body, can trigger weirdness. Learn and master the solution!

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Problem with Including Certain Emoji in WordPress

I drafted a link post within the iOS WordPress client. It included a lyrical snippet to accompany a related YouTube video. Using the iPad emoji keyboard, I surrounded the lyrics with a musical note (♫ ). I used the Visual Editor screen throughout.

Emoji + iOS WordPress = grrr
Emoji + iOS WordPress = grrr

I punched Draft, then used Preview to doublecheck the result. Good thing.

Surprise! Each line of the lyrics ended with double carets (>>). And, the first few letters at the start of each line disappeared. Me: hmmm, WordPress no likey emojis. Rats!

Returning to the iOS app, I switched the post format from Link to Standard/Article. Previewed. Same hassle.

I removed the emoji. Previewed. Joy!

The Fix, Restoring Peace in the WordPress-Emoji Marriage

The fix required a quick trip through Google Land.

✦︎ The geek answer:

Ignore the emoji keyboard; instead, use the hex code.

✦︎ The plain-English answer:

Know: every keyboard symbol and emoji has an associated “hex code”, that is, a bunch of characters jammed together without spacing. Alpha, numbers, and symbols (oh, the irony!) comprise the coding. The solution trick: match the desired emoji with its hex code, then insert the hex code instead of the keyboard-based emoji.

Adding more fun to the debacle: I’ve found no way to discern which emojis WordPress despises, other than trial and error.

✦︎ Leave it to me to (unwittingly) add complexity.

The hex code for the musical note— ♫ —required no Columbo skills to unearth. But BrainGirl also wanted not only a dancing emoji, not only a female dancing emoji, but a medium brown skinned female dancer emoji. Listen as the theme song for a classic tv shows provides background music: ♫ Mission Impossible ♫ … or ♫ Jaws. ♫ each equally applicable.

The first few Goggle-provided resources bombed, as each presumed satisfaction with lemon-yellow dancers. Umm, me no think so, Sherlock. In fact, the why-are-you-here??? pages came so fast and furiously, I chose to walk away for a few hours.

A renewed search (medium brown woman dancer emoji) yielded my bingo. However, the page included several types of coding, two of which included the word “hex” → Decimal Hex Entity, and Hex HTML Entity. Because prior hex code searches introduced me only to the “hex code” phrase, and I’m no stranger to “HTML,” I gambled on “Hex HTML Entity.” It proved the worthy choice.

The “hex code” Translation of Emoji

Finding the meatiest resource proves key. (Included below.)

✦︎ The Simple Musical Note Emoji

iOS Text Replacement: Musical note emoji hex code + shortcut
iOS Text Replacement: Musical note emoji hex code + shortcut


✦︎ The Medium Brown-Skinned Woman Dancer


iOS Text Replacement: Dancing brown woman emoji hex code + shortcut
iOS Text Replacement: Dancing brown woman emoji hex code + shortcut

✦︎ Cut yourself a break → arrange automation for frequently used emojis

I use these and a few other emojis frequently. To ease WordPress insertion chores within the iOS client, I added a shortcut to the iOS system text replacement mechanism:

Settings → General → Keyboard → Text Replacement

Note: the surrounding ~ are needed by my preferred blog writing editor. You should remove each ~. In other words, each code MUST begin with the &, and end with a semicolon. (Because the app’s development team conveyed serial blatant lies during its SaaS transition phase, I will not give them free publicity. For this reason, I decline to give the app name.)

My Preferred emoji → hex code Resource

✦︎ https://HotEmoji.com

Summary: Master More than Emoji

Y’all know I employ old-school music for dang near everything. The theme song here? I borrowed from Michael Jackson:

♫ Keep on
with the force don’t stop
Don’t stop till you get enough
Keep on
with the force don’t stop
Don’t stop till you get enough
Keep on ♫

Call to Action

Whenever I find myself using certain phrases/code on a frequent basis, I devote a minute to automating the item. The RoI (Return on Investment) dwarfs that initial time expenditure.

What tasks can you automate in this still-new year?

Next thought: I’m neither a blogging nor WordPress expert. But I do know Google, intimately. That fact fuels my curiosity. When I stubmble onto a show-stopping glitch, I ASSUME a solution exists. I simply need to find it. As a direct result, I’ve resolved every WordPress.com problem/”limitation” encountered.

Mindset dictates ultimate success. Do you stop when a glitch in life or technology materializes, or do you commit to finding/conjuring and implementing a solution? Your standard response will either unleash your soaring wings, or clip them.

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