Planner as Bullet Journal: 2018 Jibun Techo: (2) Biz Mini: Business

Planner as Bullet Journal: (2) Jibun Techo Biz Mini: Business + Related Finances


I streamlined my Biz Mini, in daily use as my “everything” bullet journal since October. Now, it focuses solely on business and finances.Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

Mapping this Series

✦︎ Part 1: Bullet Journal ReVamp: Why
✦︎ ✓ Part 2: Jibun Techo B6 Slim Biz Mini → Business
✦︎ Part 3: Jibun Techo A5 Slim Standard → EDwC / Core
✦︎ Part 4: Jibun Techo A5 Slim Biz → OnLine World
✦︎ Part 5: Accessories; Summary

Unlike other parts of this series, sensitive data oozes from the Biz Mini. For that reason, only sections/spreads, or spreads used during the “everything” period are reproduced on this page.


Since October 2017: Biz Mini: Revamped/ Business

Jibun Techo Biz Mini (with Creoly Pen Holder)
Jibun Techo Biz Mini (with Creoly Pen Holder)

Poor Lil Boo. There he was, handling everything in my world for a little over a quarter of a year. In walks momma Pam, disrupting his global vibe.


After revamping my self-management scheme, the Biz Mini now pays homage to its name. This book focuses exclusively on my twin businesses (attorney and writer), as well as related finances.

→ Yearly Index

This section may seem like a waste of space at first glance, but it proves quite handy.

Current, post-revamp

• line 1: total billables/earnings per day (← black 0.3mm Pilot Juice Up)

• line 2: total receivables by receipt day (← green 0.38mm Pilot Juice)

(Courtesy FYI: the “Up’s” 0.3mm point produces ink too light to comfortably discern on paper unless black, brown, or dark blue.)

Former, pre-revamp

• household bills: due and payment dates with respective amounts

→ Month

Then, and now.

Current, post-revamp

• daily billables/earnings per client/project (← black 0.3mm Pilot Juice Up)

• individual invoices sent (← red 0.38mm Pilot Juice)

• individual payments received (← green 0.38mm Pilot Juice)

I resisted the temptation to include business-focused events and deadlines. Why?

  1. I remain sensitive to the hazards of introducing friction to the data entry process. Stopping to discern which note “should” go where = friction.
  2. While I can finesse juggling three books within my home office environment, I do NOT want a mandatory multi-book carry when I hit the door.

By restricting ALL deadlines and ALL hardlandscape events to my core component alone, I avoid both potential hassles.

Former, pre-revamp

Editorial Cal + hardlandscape
Editorial Cal + hardlandscape

• Editorial Calendar AND hardlandscape calendar

• daily 6-word-story prompt list (pink background in pic)

• NaNoWri Month: accumulated daily totals listing (bottom right)

Aside: obviously, way too much info stuffed into this view but, hey, I tried, right?!

About the hardlandscape events, signified by a mere checkbox followed by a start time —the details hung out in the Weeks view.

• Orange = holiday
• Yellow bar = birthday ( = see Collections: Special Days)

→ Weeks

Current, post-revamp

Prospecting chores shadow professional writers. Whether writing contests, magazines or sites requesting submissions, or ascertaining query targets, things to investigate require corralling.

The Weeks view eases such concerns. The 0-7 marks house my target(s). Related notes capture the remainder of the day’s column.

Similarly, aspects of wearing-my-attorney hat live here.

Attorney activity appears in a dark reddish ink; writing-related endeavors, in light blue. The distinction nods to the reality of visual searches. The colors promote quicker drill-downs to desired data. If I’m dealing with billable hours, those Notes flow into a Hobonichi Weeks Memo Pad, stuffed into this Jibuns external pocket.

The Weeks deal permits maximum freedom. I can move it to the core A5 when headed to a change-of-scenery work environment for a few hours. No extra full book required.

Former, pre-revamp

Weeks: dual time blocking
Weeks: dual time blocking

Dual time blocking, with summary notes in between. More on this in the next article in this series: the Core bullet journal EDwC component (EveryDay everyWhere Carry).

→ Gannt Chart

Current, post-revamp → project/case timelines

• client/project list, single rows

• deadlines: Staedtler TriPlus FineLiner, outlining the relevant squares

• sticky note: client/project names written in Staedtler color

Former, pre-revamp

• Changed monthly. January reflects social media, writing, prospecting, and Skills Mastery (SkM) tracking —until moving day, when the revamp commenced in earnest.

Gannt Chart
Gannt Chart

→ Idea Companion Booklet (front cover)

• as-it-unfolds research notes per project/case/client

→ Life Companion Booklet (back cover) → business bible

Current, post-revamp

Ignore the handwritten M. I was mapping out a tentative scheme during the revamp-prep stage.

• client/case/project: general particulars: News Section

Writing activity starts at the opening pages; law-oriented, from the back forward. Because I’ve configured this built-in distinction, I use the same black 0.3mm Pilot Juice Up for all entries. Exception: a red Pilot Juice .038mm = legal deadlines.

With a client assigned per page, I enjoy 10 pre-configured blocks to house information.

The first (left) block always lists contact info, with its adjacent block noting pertinent dates (start/end, deadlines, etc).

Subsequent blocks nestle critical notes per project, e.g. make/break legal issues; writing keywords/concepts. Where such notes threaten to overflow the block, I add: → xx, for continued in companion Idea booklet at p xx. This is when I realized: Pam, number Mini Idea pages. I use a .2mm light brown Pigma Micron pen to insert the page number at the lower outside edge area. Reason: nod to visual searching. Thus shade if Brian appears nowhere else. My eyes see the color in this book, my brain knee-jerks “page number.”

Jibun Biz Mini Life book: News section
Jibun Biz Mini Life book: News section

Former, pre-revamp

• client / projects
• other Collections (lists, logs)

The Jibun Techo Biz Mini’s Miscellaneous Forms

Recall: this book formed my third limb from October through mid-January. Read: I repurposed most forms in the Mini. The uh uh, I want this! repurposing freed me to use the Mini upon receipt, instead of waiting until its preprinted start dates: November 27, 2017 (Weeks section) or December 1st (Months and Gannt Charts)

✦︎ My Dream 2018

Unused. A 2018 Hobonichi Weeks acts as Dream Magnet, where I hammered out goals and their milestones. I also assigned one-word intentions to the year and quarter-years. Monthly/weekly reviews include conjuring a word for the upcoming period.

✦︎ Japan Map → ink swatches

Japan Maps → ink swatches
Japan Maps → ink swatches

✦︎ Favorite Phrases → Daily Writing Tracker

Fave Phrases → Daily Writing Tracker
Fave Phrases → Daily Writing Tracker

The ✓ reminds me of editing and research chores performed. Reason? If no word count appears, I want to know if I engaged other segments of the writing process. When inner critic Poindexter appears, I have the facts to beat his little corny head silly.

✦︎ Recommendations → Church / Forest Therapy List

Nature = my church. Local and other nature parks, with a monthly checklist spanning October 2017 through December 2019. One facing pages set. Excerpt:

Recommendations → Church / Forest Therapy
Recommendations → Church / Forest Therapy

✦︎ Books / Movies Lists → as intended

No change. New items go into the A5 Standard / Core mirrored section.

✦︎ Gifts Given / Received → Blog Notes

Jibun Techo Biz Mini : Blog post checklists
Jibun Techo Biz Mini : Blog post checklists

My standard blog post checklist acknowledges:

  • the lion’s share of work, drafted on my iPad, e.g. selecting and tweaking images; conjuring crossLinks and external links; researching, editing, and proofing the content; and, upload to the server
  • the final leg of each post —doublechecking the post once on the server, e.g. manipulating image size appearance and precise location on the page; additional editing and proofing; and, review via ChromeBook Chrome, iPad Safari and FireFox

These and other checklists began life within these two pages. I’ve since moved this structure to the A5 Biz Life (Blogger) booklet.

✦︎ Promise List → ReUseable Groceries List

With the entries written in ink, I checkmark needed items prior to the store visit. As I tossed items into my cart, I used a Campus 2B eraser to remove the checkmarks. A portion of this facing-pages set appears below.

Promises → ReUsable Groceries List
Promises → ReUsable Groceries List

✦︎ 1 set, facing pages, blank → DIY November Gannt Chart

Hodgepodge of assorted personal and work habits, as well as reviews for multiple client files.

B6 Slim Jibun Techo Biz Mini Summary

• Yearly Index: total daily earnings & receipts
• Month: individualized by-client/project earnings; invoices sent
• Week: prospecting (b/c Core component handles activity Notes)
• Gannt Chart: project/case timelines
• Idea Book: research notes
• Life Book: client/project bible

Mind’s Assigned Old-School Tune re the Biz Mini: EWF

Among the 4 joyful obsessions fueling my breathing: bird photography and old-school music. Within the context of planning, each component sings its assigned personality.

I don’t sit and hatch the tune. One day, while sitting at my designated planning area hunched over a Jibun, I “hear” the tune play. From that point forward, the tune serves as background as I hammer out specifics in the planner concerned.

♫ The Human Race is runnin’ over me
I punch a clock at 9 and 5
Just tryin’ to make a livin’
A plastic face on satellite TV
Says, “Life is filled with give and take
He’s takin’ and I’m givin’
So I dance
It’s my system of survival (SOS)
Hey, I’m dancin’
System of survival (SOS)
It’s a system of survival
Future revival
Greet the new arrival
At times it’s the only way
I’m gonna make it through this day
Everybody get up
Do your dance
Keep survivin’
Everybody get up
Do your dance
Stay alive ♫

Call to Action

Me messed up. I was sooo committed to a one-book bullet journal, I allowed that resolve to swallow the yellow caution light flashing in my head. When an influx of new work threatened to swamp me in January, I finally relented, returning to the planner drawing board.

Planner / bullet journal peace, restored! One of my magical intention words for this year: self-compassion. Applying that empowering concept keeps my footsteps light, even as I climb back up after stumbling onto my face. Hey, stuff happens. So what!

Perspective rules, baby!

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