Planner as Bullet Journal, Jibun Techo: (5) Primary Accessories; Summary

Planner as Bullet Journal, Jibun Techo: (5) Primary Accessories; Summary


Planning books hang out with their BFFs, dubbed accessories. A Jibun Techo in bullet journal mode forms no exception to the rule. My faves follow.

I purchased each described product well over a year ago. No affiliate / sponsored links.

Mapping this Series

✦︎ Part 1: Bullet Journal ReVamp: Why
✦︎ Part 2: Jibun Techo B6 Slim Biz Mini → Business & Related Finances
✦︎ Part 3: Jibun Techo A5 Slim Standard → EDwC / Core
✦︎ Part 4: Jibun Techo A5 Slim Biz → OnLine World
✦︎ ✓ Part 5: Accessories; Summary

Bullet Journal / Jibun Techo Planner Accessories

Creoly Leather Pen Holder (A5 and B6 Mini; Amazon $13)

Creoly Genuine Leather Tan Pen Holder Attachable Pen Case
Creoly Genuine Leather Tan Pen Holder Attachable Pen Case

Holds 3–4 pens comfortably.

I converted each Jibun Techo into a hardback. One A5 uses the Jibun kit-provided pencil board for this purpose. For the others, I attacked the bottom stiff-back cardboard of legal pads with a box cutter. Once situated in a cover pocket slot, I have my hard back.

The conversion allows me to keep the Creoly attached to a cover alone, as opposed to wrapping it around the full book. Otherwise, the cover would bend.

Each Creoly holds my main stash of for-Jibun-only pens:

  1. black 0.38mm Pilot Juice
  2. black 0.3mm Pilot Juice Up
  3. 0.5mm Zebra DelGuard or Kuru Toga mechanical pencil, 4B lead



Self-Inking Thumbs Up Sign (Amazon, under $10)

LolliZ Stamp THUMBS UP (Contour) Round Self-Inking Teacher Stamp with RED Color
LolliZ Stamp THUMBS UP (Contour) Round Self-Inking Teacher Stamp with RED Color

When I review my Daily Logs, I don’t need to study pages where every item’s completed. My initial habit: plant a fat red checkmark in the outer bottom margin of those pages. It worked, but my inner kid craved a flourish, something feeling more celebratory.

I found this stamp, used for this purpose alone. As expected, reaching for the stamp signals atta girl!. A mighty fine conclusion to a closed-out Daily Log page.

I wouldn’t hesitate to gift the stamp to a dedicated-planner friend. I am my friend. So I gave me a gift. A year+ later, I’m still lovin’ it.



A5 Lihit Lab SmartFit Cover: on standby, for transport (JetPens, $24)

JetPens: A5 Lihit Lab SmartFit Cover
JetPens: A5 Lihit Lab SmartFit Cover

Succinctly: a bullet journaler’s dream.

Insert both A5 Slim Jibuns, each stocked with multiple companion booklets — and the Lihit doesn’t blink.

Wanna take a dozen or more pens? No problem, courtesy of the external open slot and Velcro-locked pocket.

Don’t want the girth or weight of the cute-but-functionally-unworthy Roterfaden? Lihit. No contest. I have both. The Roty sits in a drawer. The Lihit joins me on trips to a local mom & pop coffee shop, Barnes & Noble, and other break-the-home-office-monotony destinations. Its canvas material presents no discernible extra weight.

Excellent! No caveats.

Usage: when my destination will not witness hours of work, I carry only the core bullet journal component, the A5 Slim Standard Jibun Techo: Daily Logs and dual time blocks. Otherwise, I make a quick one-grab package, comprised of the two A5s: Standard core EDwC (EveryDay everyWhere Carry) and Biz/ Blogger, OnLine World.

The B6 Biz Mini / Business rarely joins outdoor excursions. I prefer to perform that work at home base. Why? Old standby print books available on a nearby bookshelf, e.g. Prosser on Torts, Legal Thesaurus, and overflowing legal notepads with years-old notes focused on assorted rules of civil procedure, appellate procedure, evidence, and arbitration.



BookJigs (ongoing half-price sale at homesite, $3 per)

Sample BookJigs
Sample BookJigs

Japanese attention to nuanced planning details knows no rivals. But the stingy two bookmarks are universally weak, i.e. dang near useless. Too narrow. Too fray-happy. Combine that reality with one who believes in exploiting every nook and cranny of a planner. Result: ongoing petty irritant.

My solution: I grab multiple BookJigs at half-price, ensuring extras are available when needed. Clipped on the back and/or front of the book, quick access flips me to the desired section.



Alternative to BookJigs: Avery Mini Ultra Tabs (Amazon, $4)

Amazon: Avery Tabs. Publication date unavailable. Last accessed February 15, 2018.

My love affair with the BookJigs continues. But the guy you see on the right also adores BookJigs, a reality discovered after the fact (grrrr!). Murphy’s Law shadows DarbyK. Result: the lil bunionHead started his munchfest at the bottom of the BookJigs, where I had painstakingly applied

cute washi tape.

Fraying fears did not induce that washi application; clear nail polish cures that ill. Rather, the BookJigs ribbons are super long. Because I use them in so many books, I’ve learned NOT to cut them. Instead, I fold the ribbon, creating a mini brick at the end, held in place by the washi. Until DarbyK did his thing.

Lil DarbyKlan, the original PacMan
Lil DarbyKlan, the original PacMan

I could chase DarbyKlan, he of the pointy head <😏>, every time he lands near a Jibun. Or, I could switch over to the tabs. Since the latter stiff tabs are beak-proof, I’m now using the index tabs more than the BookJigs throughout all Jibuns.

I place the tabs along the top. One reason: less hassle when inserting /removing a Jibun into/from a bag.




Kokuyo Campus 2B Lead Eraser (JetPens, $1.65)

JetPens: Kokuyo Campus 2B Lead Eraser
JetPens: Kokuyo Campus 2B Lead Eraser

I crave rich dark lead, meaning I use only 4B lead in my 0.5mm mechanical lead pencils, and 2B in 0.3mm pencils. Most pencils, except the TwistErase, provide a spit the manufacturers try to pass off as a viable eraser.

Kokuyo, parent of the Jibun Techo and Campus Wide family of products, earned my trust. Intense high-quality craftsmanship, on steroids. Like Apple, before it adopted a Windows Vista approach to quality control. Given Kokuyo’s unmarred track record, I tried this eraser. Within the week of it’s arrival, I put a few more in my JetPens cart.

I slice each eraser in half with a box cutter. Even at that smaller size, the only hint of daily usage is a rounded edge replacing the initial square edge. Every bag, pocket, table, desk —you’ll see this gem. Always.

The eraser never gets hard or brittle. It always feels good in hand; always erases completely with minimal effort; always leaves only one or two snake-like crumbs after erasing. One word: joy!



Duluth Trading Bag

I hesitate to include this because my canvas model is no longer available. Multiple A5-embracing compartments, coupled with a sturdy wide shoulder strap with overall minimal weight, make this bag an ace.

With purchase immediately following my early 2010 discovery, the bag was then priced at $35. A pricey leather version was recently available, until it too sold out in a blink.

Given eBay and similar stores, I want you to remain aware of this unisex bag. For an EDC, it stands without peer. Definitely worth a Google Alert to catch current availability.



Preferred Highlighters

Amazon: Hi-Liter Desk Style
Amazon: Hi-Liter Desk Style

I favor the marker most friendly to my efforts for decades: the Hi-Liter (Amazon) My reasons:

  • Unlike the MildLiner, the Hi-Liter produces no puddling at the end of drawn lines.
  • Unlike most highlighters, these babies can sit in a box for 5+ YEARS, yet write withOUT coaxing as soon as the pen hits paper. (Yeppie, found a box stashed in the garage. And yeah, my jaw dropped when its ink readily appeared on a test-it page.)
  • I can not recall when I tossed a Hi-Liter into a trashcan because it ran out of ink. These babies last just this side of forevahhhhh.
  • A non-fluorescent yellow is available, but a tad dark for my taste. I’m so used to this yellow it no longer phases me.
  • This marker accommodates one-pass coverage of both Japanese narrow (!!) AND double-spaced rows! It’s all in the angle employed while pulling the pen across paper.
  • It smiles at my pens. Translation: highlight first, highlight after —no diff. Smear-free, unlike most others (hi, MildLiner 👋🏽). One exception: if I highlight first and immediately enter data, I might see snakelike tendrils extending out from the inked characters, depending on the ink pen —on Tomoe River paper. Hunch: the paper’s slick coating. Yet another reason I much prefer the Biz’s toothier MIO paper.

I use the Hi-Liter to create alternating colored rows (Life book, News section) and to highlight the date headers in my Daily Log.

To create the colorful time blocks in the A5 Slim Jibun Techo Standard‘s Week view, I use either Pentel 24/7 (JetPens; individual @ $1.10) or Ticonderoga Emphasis (Amazon, set, $7). On paper, the colors mirror each other. One set stays upstairs; the other, in my home office. Both provide a rich deep line of color which, in turn, swallows potential conflicts with the Standard’s colorful scheme. Note: used mostly for dual time blocks.

2018: My ReVamped Bullet Journal System, Summarized

My current bullet journal system, using assorted Jibun Techo models as backbone, is summarized below. I despise the time-eating waste incurred by repetitive spread drawing and similar look busy work, such as migration. I indulge neither. Since that won’t change, the Jibun will likely remain my BBF (best BuJo friend) indefinitely.

Jibun Techo B6 Slim Biz Mini: Business & Related Finances

• Yearly Index: total daily earnings & receipts
• Month: individualized by-client/project earnings; invoices sent
• Week: prospecting
• Gannt Chart: project/case timelines
• Idea Book: research notes
• Life Book: client/project bible

Jibun Techo A5 Slim Biz: Blogger, OnLine World

• Yearly Index: online statistical milestones achieved
• Month: social media Content planning
• Week: blog Editorial Calendar planning
• Gannt Chart: social media activity tracking: Feb— Facebook groups
• Idea Book: spill-over notes
• Life Book: Permanent Collection (e.g. Blog Articles Maintenance Log)
• Mind’s Assigned Old-School Tune: DavieTestify

Jibun Techo A5 Slim Standard: EDwC / Core

• Yearly Index: personal projects timelines
• Month: hardlandscape events, deadlines, special days (birthdays, etc)
• Week: dual time blocking with summary Notes between blocks
• Gannt Chart: routines
• Idea Book: Daily Log, with Waiting For list on last page working forward
• Idea #2: Permanent Collections
• (Trimmed A5) Miji 6mm Lined Book: Daily BookEnds


The B6 Slim Biz Mini. But it’s portability sizing results in narrow Week columns and a grid size falling under 3mm. That makes it a champ only for limited information in terms of the month Calendar and Weeks views. It works well for the business approach detailed in Part 2.

The A5 Slim Biz runs a neck-and-neck second with its smaller sibling in my heart. It satisfies, in glorious fashion.

More about the incredibly flexible Jibun Techo

With proper apologies to the original Temptations, my ode to my full bullet journal system:

♫ I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May
Well I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
Talkin’ ’bout BuJo
BuJo!I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me
I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees
Well, I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
Talkin’ ’bout BuuuuuuuJo ♫



Call to Action

C’mon now, PahdNah! When’s the last time you felt compelled to sing to whatever you use as a self-management tool? Warbled to OneNote or ToDoist in recent memory? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Only intense satisfaction produces that urge. Well, that and just a tweeeeeee drop of absolute nuttiness. 😜Moi: happy camper! Et vous, mon amie?


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