Blogger's Bullet Journal Spread: Scheduled Twitter Chats

Blogger’s Bullet Journal Spread: Scheduled Twitter Chats


Ever try to track down scheduled Twitter chats, reflecting YOUR time zone? In a word: headache! But yo, I got yer back, Homie!

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Feeding a Bullet Journal Week View Calendar with Twitter Chats

Writer? Blogger? Dreams of a business? Fitness? Looking for spiritual tips, or how to balance work and life? Whatever your passion, odds are strong a Twitter chat every xxxday at xx:00 a/p targets it.

But two, actually three, hassles:

  1. What day(s)?
  2. MY timezone, puhleeeease!
  3. How to organize the info?

Understand: no way I’ll entertain each of my selections every week. Rather, I craved a solid listing for one reason → when I take a break (or my brain cells go AWOL), if a chat is scheduled, I can check it out. So I wanted a timeline cal, in week view, which I could change as needed. Example: chats are plentiful between 8-11p.m. weekdays. Therefore, I wanted to max the corresponding slots.

As usual, a Jibun Techo embraced my desires. A printable will do the same. With your preferred calendar at hand, consider color-coded entries —one for each of your main concerns, then another color for the miscellaneous chats.

With the mechanics in front of you, you’re ready to visit:

Comprehensive? Dunno. But it’s surely enough to get your e-tootsies damp in the networking waters.

Courtesy Alert

Ahhh,  nuffin’s perfect,  y’all —’specially in NetTown.

RoadRunner (public domain)
RoadRunner (public domain)

The good news: The Twubs listing starts at the hour you access it. Major cool! And, the system auto-reads your timezone ← a profoundly appreciated feature.

The grrr news → A button sits at the page bottom, promising to show more when clicked. Lie! Worked as expected 2-3 times. On a Saturday evening, that pushed me to mid-day Tuesday. Then the system suffered a serious migraine. We’re talkin’ a stark white-page overflow of coded database errors. This explains why I’ve listed two resources. 😏

Tasmanian Devil (public domain)
Tasmanian Devil (public domain)

The good news: Sade time, i.e. ♫ smooth operator. ♫

The grr news → unless you possess the patience of Job, your retinas will rotate, courtesy of the flip flop changing time zones littering the entries. ET ←→ PT? No problemOh! But hit me with Central/Mountain Time and my brain spasms hiccups. Not good.

Psst, Pam, wazza ‘Sade’??

Oh my dear soul. Music, hun, real hubba hubba music! Witness:

Feeding my BuJo: Jibun Techo Biz Weekly: Twitter Chats Spread

Jibun Techo: A5 Biz: Twitter Chats Schedule
Jibun Techo: A5 Biz: Twitter Chats Schedule

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Sooo many lists to tame. So little time. What’s your weapon of choice?


Blogger's Bullet Journal Spread: Scheduled Twitter Chats
Blogger’s Bullet Journal Spread: Scheduled Twitter Chats

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