Renée Watson

I write my resolution in black Sharpie marker on top of a background made out of cut-up scriptures, words from newspaper headlines, and numbers from last year’s calendar.
✦︎ Be bold.
✦︎ Be brave.
✦︎ Be beautiful.
✦︎ Be brilliant.
✦︎ Be (your) best.


    1. Agreed, but regular Sharpies will kill a page, fully bleeding through the reverse and possibly next page. I saw mention months ago that a second version of the Sharpie eliminates that problem. I like this idea enough to go on a hunt. Otherwise, I’ll just sub a Staedtler or Flair. Thx for your comment & visit!

      1. Yeah, I back my quote pages with magazine images to save the other side from bleed through! Let know if you find those Sharpies! I’m always looking for new things to try!

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