QuickNote: Alexa gains a new auto Follow-Up feature

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♦️ Pub: Mar 17, 2018  |  Modified: Aug 28, 2018 @  |  Reading: < 1 min. | Words: 106 ♦️

It’s live! Alexa app → Settings → (pick) Device → (scroll down) Follow-Up (flip switch)

Amazon has rolled out a new feature, which gives its Echo speakers the ability to listen to back-to-back commands for the assistant. When you switch on Alexa’s Follow-up Mode, your Echo speaker will continue listening for a second command for a few seconds after you issue the first one — no need to wake it up again by saying “Hey, Alexa.” You’ll know for sure if the device is listening if its blue indicator is on.

QNLink3   SourceAmazon makes it easier to give Alexa follow-up commands

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