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1️⃣ The ♫ Hallelujah ♫ news, per Pinterest:

We recently launched sections to help you organize Pins on a board into different topics. Based on continued feedback from Pinners, we’re now adding the ability to rearrange those sections so it’s easier to access them.

Works in a joyful manner —from a desktop. iPad? Induces multi-syllable cussin’. So, I stick with my ChromeBook.

via New tools for organizing Pins, boards and sections on Pinterest | Pinterest Newsroom

Pinterest fans: we can now sort and drag/drop reorder the sections within boards. Woot! Click To Tweet

2️⃣ About Pinterest Hashtags:

They work as expected —within a pin’s description ONLY. Clickable and ever’ding. But even there, results play Russian roulette. Example: you add your handle, thinking a click will yield your pinned site items. Ummmm, kinda. You’ll also be inundated with EVERY pin you’ve pinned since day one.

Work-around: If your site is MeBadd.com, and your Pinterest handle is MeBadd, don’t waste your time with #MeBadd. Instead, pin your site items with a unique hashtag, such as #MeBaddCOM.

Of course, Pinterest can alter its engine at any time. So, you’d be wise to check periodically to ensure you’re getting the result desired.


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Y’all enjoy a fantabulous week!

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