Free expedient pain-free route to muscular blog titles

Free expedient route to conjuring a muscular blog title


Your idea graces the Blog Title text field. Your words fill the screen. Before hitting publish, exploit a free tool – your expedient pain-free route to muscular blog titles.

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Conjuring polished powerful blog titles

CoSchedule gained prominence through two tools. One, fueled by a SaaS model, provides a site-friendly Editorial Calendar of blog posts. Its month view, unlike others, delights by word-wrapping the title. Google and others take the who does this help? truncation route.

Blog titles "testing testing 1 2 3" ugh!CoSchedule’s second tool, a freebie, accommodates testing blog title variations. The goal involves constructing a title most likely to resonate with the blogger’s target audience. The “Headline Analyzer” changes a ring’s coloring (red to green), and presents a visible percentage score, as one toils. Elevating a meh title to yeah babeeee status eats time, courtesy of the 6-7 screens of resulting information per revised title entry. Or, at least, it did. (Opinion: one screen would provide the same info, if CoSchedule had coded with the user experience uppermost in mind.)

Several months ago, a brainiac decided:

Hey, let’s make it dang near impossible for anyone to access our Headline Analyzer! First, we’ll use it as an excuse to get eMail addresses. Then we’ll play dumb, and keep hiding it even after the fool logs in.

Yeppie! CoSchedule irritates the would-be user with a Where’s Waldo approach. Logging in fails to reveal the Analyzer. The persistent slaps of the user’s face knee-jerks return hostility. Read: Blockbuster once owned the DVD rental space, instigating its intense arrogance. We know how that turned out. But it seems CoSchedule missed the memo: one monkey don’t stop no show, especially in Net Land.

Last weekend, I noticed a followup todo on my agenda: find CS replacement. I searched. I tested. I rejected most. I embraced one. Mission accomplished!


Back in the Massage-Blog-Titles Saddle

A few twirls around the search dance floor with Prince Google led me to the desired kingdom.

Recall: after years of the tortured home page dubbed Yahoo, Google’s debut with a barren page coaxed giddiness. We fell in love with its lone search box, subtlety pushing us into single-task mode. Everything about Google’s search page, in terms of appearance, thunders user respect.

With Google, nothing pops up or under. Nothing slides in from either side. No distractions waltz down/up the page as one scrolls through results. Google chooses to honor its invitation to search. Period. By contrast, supplanted champ Yahoo had us scrolling down a never-ending page, as distracting doodads boogalooed our senses throughout the visit.

‘Tis true: history repeats itself. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer yielded multiple screens of info. A new guy in this polish-my-headline ‘hood plays Google, offering a lean and clean experience. CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer yields multiple screens of info. A new guy in this polish-my-headline 'hood mimics Google, offering a lean and clean experience. Click To Tweet


New Blog Titles / Headline Analyzer Thrill: now, 5 minutes max

AIM's Headline Analyzer for Blog Titles
The Advanced Institute of Marketing (AIM) presents one textbox field for Headline insertion. A drop down menu permits pinpointing the industry relative to the target audience, yielding a result taking that specific audience into consideration for scoring purposes. A punch of the Submit button spits a percentage figure, while a minimal scroll gifts a plain-English explanation. In essence, like CoSchedule, AIM looks for power words evoking emotions. Why? Because the psychology of emotions fuels marketing.

Like Google, AIM’s glorious tool shouts user respect. Unlike CoSchedule, AIM empowers the user to start and accomplish her goal in an expedient manner. We’re talkin’ 5 minutes, tops. CoSchedule typically ate at least a half-hour as I futzed the title in assorted ways, then scrolled through the loooong results. Result: AIM’s stellar tool earned a spot on the Favorites bookmarks bar of both Chrome and Safari. Trust me, no higher praise!


Cliff-Notes summary:


~ Call to Action

Have you studied tools—recently—competing with your favorites? I don’t advocate fixing what ain’t broken. But I do believe in periodic spot-checks. This ensures a tool in use today still merits the “fave” designator I awarded months / years ago.


Free expedient route to conjuring a muscular blog title

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