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Invitation to Followers

Cliff-Notes Background

Feels like I’m finally winning the argument with a sneaky flu bug. The WordPress admin screen view no longer boogaloos as I tap. Thankfully!

Last week one of my newer fave bloggers mentioned, in passing, the inherent joy of supporting each other. I concur. The flu delivered its ThrillaInMeKilla punch, landing me on my back, so I “enjoyed” unexpected down time. Plenty of time to think about the “how” of tangible online support. Result: this invitation.

My Invitation to You, Dear Follower

If you could use another follow, like, etc, please comment on this post. Do note

  • your handle & network if social media
  • your URL if you’re lookin’ for blog love
  • your preference (e.g. like, follow, comment)
  • if you’re looking for a comment, please include the direct URL

Me: I’m @writesquire across the board. That’s an FYI, not a demand for reverse liking or whatever. My offer comes without strings.

Oh, last point. As you enjoy articles, food for thought → social media “promote the article” buttons → random acts of kindness. Hey, just sayin’, Homie.

That’s it. My little way of coaxing smiles on a Monday morning. I’m headed back to bed now. One more day of strict bedrest should ensure I’ve stomped the flu dude / dudette into oblivion. 🤒😎

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