QuickNote: Pinpointing Kindle eBook Page Length by Word Count – Mission Accomplished!

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File this under “The Rewards of Repeat Research.”

Over the past year, I’ve tried multiple times to secure a trustworthy answer to two questions:

  1. Within the context of a Kindle ebook, what’s the average word count per page?
  2. What’s the average total length of such ebooks, per major genre?

Suffice to say, the answers were all over the map. Indeed, my sorry experience in this one area coerced a new list, within the Collections area of my bullet journal: the Q2 List. Translation: questions to research each quarter, until I find authoritative answers.

Serendipity smiled on me this day, April 12th. During a 15-minute Pomodoro break, I consulted that list, zeroing in on the Kindle issues. I not only found the answer to the first word count query; the publication date of the mentally delicious article = the date of that research, April 12th! WooHooooooo!

Paranoid the article might disappear, I tapped the Print bookmarklet on my iPad Safari (and EVERY other browser!) favorites bar. The clean PDF (crap removed during the printing phase) now lives in Google Drive.

PrintFriendly: a researcher’s BFF.

For those unaware of this freebie gem, know that the source url visibly appears within the PDF. (Cue: manic fist pumps of joy ✊🏽👊🏽✊🏽)


Have you ever wondered how the average ebook page length or word count differs by book genre? How many words make a Kindle ebook page? Find out here.

QNLink3   SourceeBook Page Length — A Key Driver of Effort

Ahhh, sweet determination. May take a few stabs, but ’tis true, y’all → seek and ye shall find.🤗

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