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Treat! WordPress gifts its community with an update to its iOS app, adding muscle to on-the-fly capturing. Be aware: the Share Sheet now holds another item in addition to the standard WordPress icon.

Called “Save as Draft,” this second icon spells joy in execution. Highlight text on a page, tap the draft-related icon, and the text plus title and linked url populate your draft.

Choose categories and tags if desired. Then tap Save, appearing in the upper right-hand corner.

By the way, 2 bugs.

1️⃣ A little bug can slip by if you’re low on coffee intake → auto-capitalization is moody. Example: sometimes the first word following a period gets the expected treatment; sometimes not. No rhyme or reason.

2️⃣ A buggie ya can’t miss. Preview yields a 404 Page Not Found error. But a quick tour via the WP-admin classic interface confirms scheduling as arranged.

But, all in all, this update remains a sho’ ’nuff winner.

Yo WordPress, thanks much!

A brand-new draft extension

Our customers provide us with great feedback, and many of you have let us know that you often would like to capture an idea for later. Perhaps you want to upload a snapshot from the Photos app, or save a motivational quote from a fellow writer’s website for your next post.

The new draft extension allows you to do just that: now, you can quickly save selected content in a draft post, allowing you to work on it later.

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