QuickNote: Morning Prompts Changing Thought Patterns

Thoughts. The seeds of success. Always, and in all ways.

Propelling or repelling action.

Self-mastery begins with awareness
+ preDawn stillness eliminating distractions
= “What you focus on, grows.

Dictate your day by taming / massaging infectious morning thoughts. Suggestion:

  • grab a mug of your favorite morning beverage
  • park your skleeboop on the porch
  • appreciate the greeting Nature’s sounds toss at you
  • nestle gratitude
  • think
  • review
  • plan

Grow your dreams, via your morning dashboard.

What is one privilege you have that you often take for granted?

QNLink3   Sourcewww.marcandangel.com/2018/03/18/31-morning-journaling-prompts-that-will-change-the-way-you-think/


    1. I’m literally lost without this specific routine. It’s proven to be THE missing link in ensuring a productive start of the day. Thx for checking in.

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