QuickNote: A Bullet Journal for a Small Business Owner? Yep!

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Got millions of ‘to-dos’ floating around in your head? Responding to emails, updating employee data, sorting out inventory, small businesses are hit with endless tasks on a daily basis. To ensure none of these important business tasks get pushed to the back of your mind and eternally forgotten, it might be wise to start a bullet journal.

QNLink3   SourceWhat is a Bullet Journal and How Can Your Small Business Use One? – Small Business Trends


  1. I use a bullet journal approach, but also record how meetings went, daily journaling, creative writing, and goals. Helpful to have it all together with an index to keep track!

    1. It’s interesting to see your mention of daily journaling. I tried that, several times, but never enjoyed consistency. But I was so convinced of its potential helpfulness, I tried again — with a different tactic → prompts pulled from assorted “guided productivity” journals. Serves as my a.m / p.m “Head Check Bookends,” and works even better than anticipated to keep my ‘tude together. Great component for my BuJo system!

      Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for checking in.

      1. Hi! I have a journal prompt blog called writetobehealed if you need ideas. I do write about what I did in my day and I reference my calendar on the opposite page in my journal. It helps me connect with what is important to me and how I am spending my time. Very often I follow other threads of thoughts, which is what I love about journaling. It can be whatever you want!

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