Mallard Duck, juvenile

Mallard Duck, Junior (?JuniorEtta?) (Local / global)

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Mallard Duck, juvenile
Snapped @ a mini-lake hidden in the hills of a local residential subdivision. Momma + Poppa guarded the kids well, deeming me “safe.” I’m guessing the rain mellowed out all. #WritersLife


  1. I was watching two baby ducks playing in the lake last week, and their momma duck was well on her guard, watching me as I took some quick photos. If I stuck, I’m sure they would have been fine, too!

    1. Sounds like fun. The one local guy I *know* will give me grief = the Canada Goose. One family strolled into a Barnes + Noble parking lot. Kiddie ducks were exploring everything. I walked toward my car —opposite direction— and the parent chased me down. Fortunately, there are ultra-zoom cams … and sneakers, eh?! Enjoy a great day!

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