(Video) Self-Mastery: Try a new thing for 30 days

♦️ Pub: Jun 1, 2018 | Modified: Aug 18, 2018 @ ♦️

Lemme tell ya, folks: this works! Even when your new vibe seems to miss the mark, a lil tweak here and there just might transport ya to the promised land.

Two quick examples:

  • Experienced a serious ‘tude problem, threatening to kidnap my productivity intentions. Tried guided journaling for 30 days, a 5 minute exercise as bookends to my day, and emerged victorious. Result: I modified my Morning and Evening Routines to ensure fidelity to this get/keep-me-goin’ gem.
  • Bumped into mention of The 5 Why’s Technique. Tried that for 30 days. Worked so well, it’s now a staple whenever a hassle materializes.

Try something new for 30 days:

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