Beware Instagram Unfollower Apps [Harris's Hawk]

Beware: Über Popular, but BlackHat, Instagram Unfollower Apps

I’d been away from Instagram since 2016. Contemplating a potential return in the wake of SmugMug’s recent Flickr purchase, I wanted to clean out the IG account. I tried several apps to get a “who’s not following back” list. All bombed. Bottom-line: FaceBook’s privacy scandal induced API changes, impacting IG as well.

Uh oh, tricky app developers!

A few days later I supplemented the previous iOS App Store search with a Google tour of offerings. I found an app. It provided the desired list, at no cost.  I then visited IG’s Authorized Apps page, to kill the irrelevant apps. Oddly, the newly “authorized” app did not appear. I immediately changed my password, then  researched.

When you change your login password, authorized apps continue to work because your password lives with the parent site only. BlackHat apps quit, because they retained your password! The kicker? Many of the super popular apps (for discerning Instagram follower/unfollower details) fall under the blackhat umbrella. The linked April 2018 article below provides the unsettling details.

Note: both app stores, Android & iOS, host the nefarious apps. Incidentally, y’all know I’m not rude. I deliberately omit the precise name of the app I used (& uninstalled), because I refuse to place anyone in harm’s way.

Top 20 Unauthorized Instagram Apps
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