Cockatiel DarbyKlan - bird

Cockatiel (Australia)

♦️ Pub: Aug 1, 2018 | Modified: Aug 29, 2018 @ | Reading: < 1 min. ♦️

Cockatiel DarbyKlan

As I wrote a new blog post, a certain lil Australian dude flew to my shoulder, glaring. A stream of odd chirps let it be known: meThinks I was cussed out, birdie style! Something along the lines of: where be me, mommy?  Ok Darb, you’re online now. 

With peace restored, DarbyKlan resumed his fave habit: treating my shoulder as his personal limo. Content, he’s snoozing as I finish up the third post finalized today.

Why “DarbyKlan” as a name? Like all who sport a pointy head, he’s a clown. The diff —this guy’s a lovable ball of intelligent big-time fun, while the 2-legged alleged humans bastardizing sheets remain, simply stated, mere simpletons.

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