QuickNote: Solved! The Disappearing Pinterest Pins Hassle

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♦️ Pub: Sep 17, 2018  |  Modified: Sep 16, 2018 @  |  Reading: < 1 min. | Words: 98 ♦️

You’re polishing your blog post, adding a few Pinterest pins pointing to additional relevant information. You leave the WordPress editing screen to check out a Preview. You catch a spelling error; all else looks fine. You re-enter the editing screen, correct the boo boo, and perform a final Preview. 😱 The pins have disappeared! WhaDaFrig??!!??

You re-check via the editing screen. Gone!

Sometimes all is well. Other times you’re in pin-post hell. The fix, thankfully, proves simple.

QNLink3   SourceHow to Embed Pinterest Pins So They Don’t Disappear

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