13 Powerful Helpers to Guarantee Unsurpassed Google Results

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HotBot. Excite. Yahoo. All blown outta eWorld, courtesy of a then-hungry startup called Google. Presenting on-the-money search results —then— converted Google from noun to verb.

And now? Pinterest and other irrelevancies inundate the results, ensuring frittered time as we TRY to uncover direct links to pertinent articles. But good news wafts from dem dere hills of perpetual frustration. Genuine helpers, gifted by determined developers, reawaken on-the-money accuracy for unsurpassed Google results.

Witness the joy of Exhibit A: UnPinterested. Auto-excluding Pinterest from search results, this gem of a Chrome extension eliminates thousands of redundant Where’s-Waldo click-happy links. With every Pinterest-sourced link banished, we move closer to a useful hit list.
13 Powerful Helpers to Guarantee Unsurpassed Google Results
But what about

  1. spammers managing to infiltrate page 1 of the search results, multiple times?
  2. running an advance search withOUT serial set-it-up clicks?
  3. searching a highlighted phrase while on that page?
  4. ferreting similar pages once you find a gloriously pertinent article?
  5. enjoying one-tap view-image access?
  6. arranging priority status for personally preferred sites?
  7. always seeing a search preview, regardless of Google’s latest whims regarding its feature set?
  8. generating citations for Google Scholar articles?
  9. searching the current site?
  10. getting direct access to your clicked search result withOUT Google’s imma-record-your-click delay?
  11. replacing search results pagination with infinite scrolling?
  12. restoring keyboard shortcuts (e.g. arrow keys + Enter key to select/open a result) Google removed?

All these fixes and more await you at the Google Chrome Store, as detailed in the linked article below.

How efficient are these extensions? I now turn to my Chromebook, rather than iPad, to run searches. This, from a woman who formerly used the iPad for 98% of all e-work.  Apple’s me be Windows Vista approach to quality control assured abandonment when worthy competition materialized. Chrome extensions nailed my Chromebook preference for research purposes.

QNLink3   Source:  MakeUseOf.com
Make Google Search Far Better With 12 Useful Chrome Extensions

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