Announcing My (Focused) Multi-Year 2019 Hobonichi Weeks BuJo (Keel-Billed Toucan (S. America). Snapped @ the National Aviary, Pittsburgh PA)

Announcing My (Focused) Multi-Year 2019 Hobonichi Weeks BuJo



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September into October = the holiday-like period for the #StationeryNerd crew. Planners for the approaching year appear, inspiring this-year-I’ll plotting. My standard habit: move into the new BuJo-hybrid by early October. Witness the details, this go ’round, centered on my multi-year Core EDC and Blogger’s BuJo, in the singular form of a 2019 Hobonichi Weeks.

Mapping This Series: Setting Up a Multi-Year (2019) Hobonichi Weeks

✦︎ → Overview
✦︎ 1.  Exploiting the 2019 Year view; RePurposing the 2018 + 2020 Calendars
✦︎ 2.  ReConfiguring the Week-View → Editorial Calendar / Record
✦︎ 3. Enlarging (69 → 99 pages) and Mastering the Notes area
✦︎ 4.  Enlisting a Few Memo Pads for Core EDC Use
✦︎ 5.  Eliminating Items from the Weeks, and Why

Background: Previous Bullet Journal Approaches

To understand where I am currently, planner wise, you should know where I’ve been. The brief background …


I started my BuJo venture with an A5 Leuchtturm, following the crowd. My bad. Between the incessant drawing and the dots, I didn’t last long. Lesson learned: gimme solid lines or a solid graph/grid, or go ‘waiy. Dots merely massaged the drunk appearance of my handwriting.

Leuchtturm, Hobo, Jibun—oh my!
Leuchtturm, Hobo, Jibun—oh my!

Yet, I continued to believe in the bullet journal method. Searching for a replacement, the A5 Hobonichi Cousin Avec caught my eye. Its Tomoe River paper promised to play well with most pens and highlighters. But thinking it would smile as a portable tool disintegrated into another error in judgment. The cumbersome sucka growled at me, stomping my quest for BuJo bliss.

To conquer the portability woes, I added a pocket size book. It devolved into an Energizer-bunny self-gift, in all the wrong ways. Overlap, dupes, and migration chores inflicted consistent busy work. Using both the Cousin’s Daily pages and the EDC book only mushroomed duplicates. My fault: I had not learned how best to exploit the superb features of each. Translation: I found myself working for my system, as opposed to the system working for me. My version of an ongoing mortal sin, because it killed genuine productivity.


Abandoning the Cousin, I moved to the A5 Slim Jibun Techo. The Jibun looses about ½ inch of the Cousin’s width as well as most of its thickness, and tosses the troublesome Daily pages altogether. But it too provides Tomoe River paper (in the “Standard” model).

The Jibun’s Vertical Weeks section fondled my dual time blocking, like the Cousin it replaced.

Choosing a receptacle for a Bullet Journal shouldn't require a drink ... but it does LoL
Choosing a receptacle for a Bullet Journal shouldn’t require a drink … but it does LoL

A companion Idea book, tucked into the Jibun-factory front cover flap, handled my Daily Log BuJo needs. It gave me the Cousin’s Daily goodness and paper, but skipped the Daily’s demanding nature. I entered data in the Idea adding my own dates as I went along. Heaven!

The partially-labeled 400 boxes in the companion Life book‘s “News” section adored my client-specific notes, easing cross-reference chores, e.g. L/32d. Longhand version: Life book/ factory labeled box row 32, “d” as last box on the right facing page. The Life hung out in the rear area of the Jibun package, tucked into the back cover.

Only one fact marred the bliss. The sizing still resisted pocket carry. But because I found the system so profoundly useful in all other respects, I adopted a grin & bear it mentality.


The Jibun Techo system owned my BuJo heart. For 2018, I set up three, each Jibun Techo as BuJo covering a discrete area of this life.

Each booBoo selection pushed me closer to my Dream BuJo. Who da thunk it, eh? (Lesser Whistling Duck, Asia. Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)
Each booBoo selection pushed me closer to my Dream BuJo. Who da thunk it, eh? (Lesser Whistling Duck, Asia. Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)

As the year unfolded, a few irritants crawled out from under the planner nirvana rug:

  • Both the A5 and B6 Jibun models stubbornly resisted true pocket carry.
  • The 2mm–3mm grid increasingly distracted me. For quick notes, fine. Otherwise: Too. Dang. Tiny.
  • The Week-View’s 0-24 timeline ignored my lifestyle, coercing an overwrite to reflect a 4a start time each day. I tolerated the weekday revisions in the Standard version; its lighter font rarely intruded. But the Biz morphed into a genuine pain in the skleeboop, given its heavier you-ain’t-changing-ME-Honey font.

While I was able to devise workarounds for each described dilemma, the combination continued to chafe. Announcing My (Focused) Multi-Year 2019 Hobonichi Weeks BuJo Announcing My (Focused) Multi-Year 2019 Hobonichi Weeks BuJo

Previous Hobonichi Weeks performed EDC duties, but only in sidekick mode. Prior years educated me, teaching me how to structure multiple books to avoid overlap, duplications, and migration. Hence, those woes were tackled. What I’d yet to learn: how to enjoy the Weeks as the actual star of my BuJo show.

With that Weeks-as-everything daydream ensconced on a mental layaway shelf, I went looking for a blog maintenance spread. Serendipity struck. A Facebook Group (focusing solely on the Hobonichi Weeks) post provided the key to thrusting the Weeks into the solo spotlight. The post presented a meal planning spread, using a DIY vertical view. That structure intrigued me, sparking reams of draft spreads. The what-if-I-tried… process ushered me, finally, into the promised land. Not only could the Weeks satisfy as a multi-year EDC BuJo, it could simultaneously serve as a multi-year Editorial Calendar! A star is born!


OverView: My 2019 MultiYear Hobonichi Weeks BuJo

Gettin' closer to paydirt. 🎵Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move🎵
Gettin’ closer to paydirt. 🎵Ain’t no stopping us now, we’re on the move🎵

I still love the Jibun, and appreciate the Cousin. But I dubbed Year 2019 🎵Hobo Time🎵 (apologies to BruhMan Hammer). Effective October 2018, the 2019 Hobo Weeks rules supreme as my beloved essential BuJo.

This series details the how and why of my Hobonichi Weeks bullet journal setup decisions, culminating in the finalized structure presented on these pages.

Revised Weeks as Multi-Year Core EDC & Blogger’s BuJo: The Skeleton

✦︎ Year: 2019-2021 project-progress tracking
✦︎ Calendar
✧︎︎︎ December 2018: BuJo Index
✧︎︎︎ 2019: Awareness Days
✧︎︎︎ 2020: 2019-2021 Finances
✦︎ Weeks
✧︎︎︎ 2017-2021 Blog Editorial Calendar / Record
✧︎︎︎ 2019-2021 Social Media Editorial Calendar (FB, IG)
✦︎ Memo Pads
1️⃣ Daily Log
2️⃣ Hardlandscape Calendar (Oct. 2018 — Dec. 2019); Waiting For list
☑️ Dual Time Blocking (when away from office)
☑️ Writer’s BuJo sidekick (notes when in the street)

There are, of course, other BuJo components, nodding to my specialty hats, i.e. Attorney’s BuJo and Writer’s BuJo. Those books enjoy the company of an A4 behemoth —a letter-sized Arc System. The Arc serves as down & dirty workbook, for pushing umbrella dreams and projects into reality. All live in an assigned condo, in my home office desk ‘hood.


Series breakdown

The contours of the Hobo Weeks series of articles following this Introductory Overview:

  1. Exploiting the 2019 Year view; RePurposing the 2018 + 2020 Calendars
  2. ReConfiguring the Week-View, for a 5-year Blogger’s Editorial Calendar / Record
  3. Enlarging (69 → 99 pages) and Mastering the Notes area
  4. Enlisting a Few Memo Pads for Core EDC Use
  5. Eliminating Items from the Weeks, and Why
Call to Action

You believe in, or are seriously considering, the bullet journal method of self-management.You may be spooked by the intense artwork evident in many spreads. Fuhgettaboutit! That’s strictly an individual choice. Exhibit A: I may draw a few vertical lines, but that’s it. Simple reason: I create spreads for Pam, not InstaGram. Translation: I focus on function, not cute.

You might have concluded: too complicated. Again, it’s your world, to construct as you please. Ain’t nuffin complicated ’bout a list, or ten.

Too many i’s to dot and T’s to cross. Wrong again, mon ami. Take what you like; loose the rest. This is the one time you get to be über self-centered, withOUT apology.

Only YOU can fashion a system responsive to YOUR needs. This series underscores the point by presenting my thinking process at each step on my path to BuJo nirvana. The sole requisite: know yourself, both strengths and foibles. It’s all about keeping you togetha, securing and maintaining your zen, as you strive toward realizing the most outrageous dreams you can conjure.


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