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Sometimes, a sitcom inadvertently bumps into the truth. Jeannie’s head-bow-blink trick moved her desires into the realm of reality. Turns out, every person breathing holds a similar power. Here’s how it works.

Someone plays troll, intent on triggering your reaction after their infliction of a negative comment. Stop. Think. It is literally impossible for anyone, at any time, under any circumstances to succeed in insulting you, unless and until two requisites are met.

Sqwaking trolls merit the I Dream of Jeanie treatment
Sqwaking trolls merit the I Dream of Jeanie treatment

First, you have to tell yourself you’re insulted. Second, you must hold some degree of respect for the speaker.

I’m not talkin’ bout the measure of respect we accord as a matter of old-school civility.  I’m referring to respect flowing from an emotional investment in the speaker.

For what it’s worth, I’ve learned to engage my brain before permitting a response. The analysis takes a mere second or two. Don’t know the speaker → no Investment → the opinion uttered is none of my business, nor will I make it my business. The end.

Understand: a precious few things in this life are guaranteed. Among them: folks about positive progression don’t waste time in brutally juvenile endeavors. And, a person’s core will always out. Those enjoying the life they’ve fashioned bring sunshine when they approach a situation. Those disappointed in the result of their life choices spread the venom oozing and overflowing from deep within. Nature, telling on itself.

Give yourself a mental chill pill + keep right on doin' your thing
Give yourself a mental chill pill + keep right on doin’ your thing

Many borrow courage from a turned back, or a keyboard void of identity. Read: you can’t expect respect from one lacking self-respect.

So, a suggestion. As you place head to pillow that night, send positive thoughts their way. Miscreants live in obvious pain, a scenario to be pitied, not emulated with a like response. Smile. Wish ’em well. The remarks have nothing to do with you personally, beyond offering an opportunity to present your best self. Silence beats drama. Seriously!


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