MultiYear Hobonichi Weeks: Enlarging + Mastering the Notes Section 3 / 5

MultiYear Hobonichi Weeks: Enlarging + Mastering the Notes Section 3 / 5



♦️ Pub: Nov 29, 2018 | Updated: Dec 6, 2018 @ | Reading: 14 min. | Words: 3,498 ♦️
Only permanent collections see the multiYear Hobonichi Weeks’ 99 internal pages, enlarged from 69. Mastering the Notes area ensures both Blogger and basic Core EDC BuJo concerns are covered.

Mapping This Series: Setting Up a Multi-Year (2019) Hobonichi Weeks

✦︎ Overview
✦︎ 1. Exploiting the 2019 Year view; RePurposing the 2018 + 2020 Calendars
✦︎ 2. ReConfiguring the Week-View → Editorial Calendar / Record
✦︎ 3. → Enlarging (69 → 99 pages) and Mastering the Notes area
✦︎ 4.  Enlisting a Few Memo Pads for Core EDC Use
✦︎ 5. Eliminating Items from the Weeks, and Why



Enlarging the Hobonichi Weeks Notes Section (69 → 99 pages)

How do you pull 99 Notes-style pages from a book with only 69 prenumbered pages? Scrutinize every page. Those destined to be ignored (e.g. Japanese language pages) inspire special treatment, as outlined below.

✦︎ +10 pages: November & December 2018 horizontal weeklies

Each August I focus on my analog system for the upcoming year. The new book arrives in September. I tailor it to my needs, then place it in immediate use to discern pro’s and con’s. Tweaks ensue, ensuring a viable scheme when January 1st arrives.

Result: overlapping dated planners. Where, as here, I don’t need the (new) Weeks opening November and December 2018 horizontal weekly pages, I cover them. This allows me to insert a critical component near the front of the book.

Which section? Quotes. Why do I deem this section critical? It serves as my anti-Poindexter (inner critic) medicine. Poindexter attacks. I flip to this section, munching on a few bite-size nuggets of mental Wheaties. Poindexter, now ignored, drags his sorry A. elsewhere. Self-lectures rarely succeeded in chasing Poindexter away. But when I rob him of attention, his power vanishes. This has proven so potent that I create similar pages in every component of my bullet journal system.

MultiYear Hobonichi Weeks: Enlarging + Mastering the Notes Section. Quotes Section, in what was the November-December 2018 horizontal weekly pages
MultiYear Hobonichi Weeks: Enlarging + Mastering the Notes Section. Quotes Section, in what was the November-December 2018 horizontal weekly pages (American Goldfinch, male. Snapped @ Triangle area backyard, NC)

✦︎ +2 pages: the 2 why-u-here pages preceding the Notes section

A facing page set separates the dated Week-View section from the Notes section. The left page shows a Japanese list; the right, a page emblazoned with the word NOTE. I covered them.

How? I

  • used a box cutter to remove two clean sheets from the Notes area of an archived Weeks
  • rolled double-sided tape onto the Weeks page, using a Pit Slide
  • situated the extracted page over it

These 2 pages now blend into the Notes section.

✦︎ But Pam, your scheme futzes the preNumbering scheme! 😡

Really?? Teeny tiny page numbers?! Fixed!
Really?? Teeny tiny page numbers?! Fixed!

Yeppie, sure does. Don’t care. Reason: I ain’t a flea. My bigger eyeballs mandate physically larger numbers. Long before I covered the two preceding pages, I knew I’d overwrite the provided numbers with READABLE numbers.

Wary that regular text might fill the last line on some pages, I wrote and circled the page numbers in red ink. Tool: Coleto 0.4mm red. My Pilot Juice 0.38mm looked a bit too thin on the paper for this particular task. The rejected Pilot G2s (0.5mm and 0.7mm), which love to smear and glob, hampered my Speed Racer routine throughout the renumbering phase.

✦︎ +16 pages: Japanese language etc pages at the book’s rear

Don’t need ’em. Ain’t gonna use ’em. So, converted via covering.

✦︎ +2 pages: the opening facing-page set / Title page

News flash. I carefully reviewed my options while placing my Hobonichi Weeks order. I know its shape and color. I will not confuse it with another book. Therefore, I don’t need the opening “Hobonichi Weeks” title page.

Let’s get the BuJo section ready to soar!

Mastering the Notes Section: Part 1: General BuJo Collection

The usual cast of characters (e.g. NetFlix to-watch list, sleep tracking, workout log) live in a different zip code, Digital Blvd. (I provide associated details in Part 5 of this series).

You should also note: the lists and logs in this EDC section fall into the reference category. Translation: I’m adding checkmarks, or I may add another entry months down the line. The reason: as I pulled my 2019 system together, I stumbled onto an item perfect for handling the year’s umbrella intentions, focus, and milestones —”goals.” Fleshing out the contents for that BuJo component alerted me to overlapping data. That prompted my drawing a line in the sand: reference EDC data, this multiYear Hobo Weeks; active data, seeing frequent additions, the second Hobo Weeks. That second Weeks BuJo will be presented after this series concludes.

One exception: Every component of my Bullet Journal includes pages set aside for Gratitude notations.

Every list included within the Notes area must satisfy one of two requisites:

  1. remain useful over multiple years; or,
  2. feed my spirit, or present needed info likely to be referenced on any given day, from any given location

✦︎ pg 1–4: Forest Therapy / Nature Spots

Nature chill spots form my church, with a park bench serving as favored pew. The camera doubles as my bible. I exploit most opportunities to go to church. To enjoy the flavor of differing sermons, I visit a plethora of parks.

The Piedmont section of North Carolina, a/k/a the Triangle area, joins the cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill —with surrounding communities. Among my blessings → parks and lakes up the wazoo within the Triangle area. My ongoing mission: enjoy all local parks with near-equal vigor. When I am faithful to this mission, my zen-like spirit flows. This explains how this particular list earned its first! position in the Notes area.

Within the left area of the Hobonichi Weeks’ built-in margin, I listed the parks. To the margin’s immediate right, I entered 2019, 2020, and 2021 on successive rows. A top row carries labels J through D, for month names, over 12 vertical columns. Rinse, repeat — over 2 facing-page sets.

To keep my eyes on the desired line for checkmark-entry purposes, I drew lines after each local listing, that is, every third line.

2 unlabeled vertical columns trail each row. Given the extended holiday periods in November and December, I treat them as Quarter 4 of 2018. No need for formal name designations. I know how I’m using ’em.

The fourth page reflects only the name and city location of treasured out-of-town nature spots. These are, at best, semi-annual trips. Rather than continue the monthly logging featured in its companion 3 pages, I enter a simple date to pinpoint when I indulged these special multi-day trips.

Quick FYI: folks ask how hubs and I manage to sustain a fabulous marriage over decades. One huge part: respect each other’s space. The man doesn’t care a whit about bird photography, just like I’m not into his classic cars obsession. He’s my best friend, but I don’t try to convert him into a girlfriend. He goes with his boys to car shows. I kidnap a homie equally obsessed with nature photography for most trips. I’m blessed: 3 associates and a treasured friend share this passion. The fun is in the sharing.

Creation of this list followed a realization: I skimp on “serious” self-care ventures. Hazard of self-employment, I s’pose. By tracking my first love, I’m alerted to emerging self-care issues. The absence of checkmarks over a month shouts 🚑emergency🚑. If I ain’t tending to me, burn out will soon snatch my sensibilities and talents. Not. Good.

This unique list negates the need for a header. But I did add bird-focused washi cuz, well, boidies!

MultiYear EDC Hobo Weeks: the Notes area opens with my nod to church, that is, Nature Chill Spots
MultiYear EDC Hobo Weeks: the Notes area opens with my nod to church, that is, Nature Chill Spots

✦︎ 5–16: The Basics

The net overflows with lists designed to reawaken determination, motivation, self-awareness, and more. The idea for this section once lived on my Someday/Maybe List. I’ve pulled all the scattered elements together, creating this spirit-feeding analog festival of good vibes.

  • Things Inspiring Me
  • Folks I Admire, and Why
  • Boredom Busters
  • Things Under My Exclusive Control
  • Zero Talent Required
  • No Apologies
  • Signs of Personal Progress
  • “Danger Zone” Signs
  • Buddhist Quotes
  • African Proverbs
  • More Wisdom: What S/He Said

✦︎ 17: Self-Care Options

Common GoldenEye Duck, indulging a little self-care
Common GoldenEye Duck, indulging a little self-care

We all play favorites. My goTo self-care option = a NetFlix binge. I’m out to break that knee-jerk selection pattern. A quick list of viable options proves quite handy.

✦︎ 18: Healthy Plant Foods

Nuts and, um… errr… Yeppie. That’s why I created this list. I have no clue, y’all. But HomeGirl’s tryin’. Another simple list, on a vertically divided page.

I’ll consider myself lucky if I manage to fill one of those columns by year’s end. 😂😂

✦︎ 19–20: Someday/Maybe List

Shred all paper after digitizing the stacks now consuming floor space. Go through the closet to remove all clothing not touched during the previous two years. Clean out the area devoted to household hardware. Go through fabric drawers holding ancient external hard drives, the EarthLink-connected Blackberry (yeah, sad but true), and similar obsolete mechanical objects. The list goes on.

EDC BuJo's Someday/ Maybe List, kinda like a psychic junk drawer
EDC BuJo’s Someday/ Maybe List, kinda like a psychic junk drawer

This section addresses a fact: brain depleted days. Symptoms include serial silly errors while writing, or the inability to absorb reading material. My mind may need a break, but physical energy remains decent. By tackling a low-brain-waves-required item on this list, I can knock out a substantial chore. Or, I can opt to play human lunchbox. My choice, made easier by maintaining this options list.

How does this particular list feed the spirit? Feeling of genuine tangible accomplishment when I tackle an entry. After all, how long has that EarthLink-connected Blackberry been squirreled away?

✦︎ 21–22: Routines

Ideal day. Morning Routine. Evening Routine. Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly Review. And more. It’s long past time for me to corral these routines into one central location. Now, a done deal. Examples from folks ’round the net…

✦︎ 23–28: Ink swatches

No header required / desired.

I picked up a dumb habit: scribble or swipe a swatch on a sheet of paper; toss the paper when done. This little subsection cures that ill. Nib capabilities and what-item-produces-which-color entries now share a home.


✦︎ 29–36: —blank—

Elbow room ensures “oh yeah, I forgot…” items will have a home.

Mastering the Notes Section: Part 2: Blogger's Collection
Mastering the Notes Section: Part 2: Blogger’s Collection

Mastering the Notes Section: Part 2: Blogger’s Collection

Most of the lists contained in the general EDC portion of the Notes-as-Collections section involve Spirit Wheaties. In contrast, the lists and logs in this section address this blogger’s practical concerns.

✦︎ 37–50: Blog Post Diary

Mentally, I dub this listing Footnotes Central. It provides a roadmap to posts refreshed with additional content. That may include external or internal links.

Reminder: portrait mode yields 23 horizontal grid blocks, and 49 vertical grid blocks. An entire facing page view doubles the horizontal rows to 46. For that reason, I chose to keep the portrait view while creating the spread.

I need 36 horizontal blocks for each month in 2019 through 2021. I know I visited every post during a global refresh in mid-to-late 2018. Hence, I can afford to ignore that year in terms of this multi-year spread. Nonetheless, nervousness sets in when info appears too bunched, i.e. no elbow room.

My compromise: Rather than list each of the 36 months, I instead rely on quarter-year designations. Doing so requires only four horizontal blocks. I added a fifth for my usual reason- elbow room is always a wise choice. My current thinking: insert the numerical month witnessing the refresh. Why?

if I instead entered a checkmark, I wouldn’t know if the refresh occurred in, say, January as opposed to March. If it’s April when I’m reviewing this list, I should ignore the most recently refreshed articles. The month number will guide me accordingly.

By the way, I segregate the listing by post format. This particular image reflects “standard” article posts. I’ve inserted the dates of initial publication  I’ll insert a nickname per post as I refresh each. Finally, the alternating colored rows serve one purpose: guide my peepers to the target row during insertion chores.

MultiYear Hobo Weeks, Notes: Blog Posts Diary. (African Crown Crane. Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)
MultiYear Hobo Weeks, Notes: Blog Posts Diary. (African Crown Crane. Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)


✦︎ 51–52: Hashtags list; Posting Times

The hashtags list forms a quick cheat sheet. Three columns. The deliberately fashioned narrow columns nod to reality, i.e. a suggested limit of 24 characters comprising a hashtag. No hashtag exceeding that number lands on this list.

Alleged “best time to post” at various social media networks may change. And, as I pay closer attention, I may alter the time portion of the list. My friend here: pencil!

✦︎ 53–56: Analytics

When it comes to stats, ¼ inch of the width of an eyelash separates staying informed vs being anal-retentive. For that reason, I favored a statistical breakdown by quarters rather than months. Then intuition kicked in the door.

Everywhere I turn, I see daily, weekly, and monthly stats. I compromised, settling on a monthly perspective. Ain’t no way in blipblop I’m gonna self-harass with the tedium of daily or weekly updates.

37 months descend on the far left —36 (2019–2021) + December 2018. 10 columns, spread over one facing-page set, sit poised for data.

On the following facing-page set, its roommate awaits info re multiple social networks. While the anticipated data will differ, the structure mirrors the sibling page.

12 empty rows sit at the bottom of these pages. I will likely coral them for special treatment re Pinterest.

I added alternating-row color (MildLiner Mild Orange). Why? Visual assist, restricting my peepers to one row at a time. I also drew a line to separate the years. Why? A gut “should.” I’ve lived long enough to thoroughly absorb the wisdom of honoring my intuition.

MultiYear Hobo Weeks, Notes: Blog Analytics. (Lil Budgie/ Parakeet dude. Snapped @ Triangle area, NC)
MultiYear Hobo Weeks, Notes: Blog Analytics. (Lil Budgie/ Parakeet dude. Snapped @ Triangle area, NC)


✦︎ 57–58: Promises

Keeping my word via Bullet Journal memory joggers
Keeping my word via Bullet Journal memory joggers

I draft a blog post for publication. One portion includes “…in an upcoming article.” I’ve learned, the hard way, to situate such promises in an exclusive list. Placing them directly within the Editorial Calendar meant one thing: when I turned the page to the next week, I buried the item. Oops.

As a general rule, I’m fanatical about dropping all non-event notes into the Daily Log. Exception: when I’m deep into blog-related work, with those BuJo pages open before me, there’s no risk of losing a thought by entering it in a blog-focused list.

All promises made to others also reside here. One exception: hubs’ honey-do stuff. Trust me —the man WILL nag, so no note needed.

Before leaving this particular section, let me share how I determined the number of pages to allot. The Weeks-based Editorial Calendar covers 5 years, 2017–2021, providing both a comprehensive record and planner. By contrast, this Notes-based section looks forward only, i.e. Q4/2018 (started this book in October) through 2021.

✧︎︎︎ Math: discerning the needed number of pages for the Promises section

2019–2021 = 3 years = 36 months. Add 3 for the end of 2018, for a total of 39 months. Not every post includes a promise. Assume a maximum of 4 promises per month. 4 promises x 39 months = 156.

Each Notes page provides 49 rows. Half the page vertically, i.e. 2 x 49 = 98. Do the same on the facing page. Hence, 98 slots x 2 =196 slots.

Performing the math confirmed a need for only 2 pages. Had I guessed instead, I’d have dedicated 6 to 8 pages. Lesson learned.

✦︎ 59–62: Plugins Diary

Ahhhh, WordPress plugins —the finicky friends of bloggers
Ahhhh, WordPress plugins —the finicky friends of bloggers

You install a plugin. You test, visually and more. Concluding its clean, you move on. A week later, your server turns hostile.

I learned to protect me. I can’t adequately troubleshoot what’s happening now if I have little clue about what happened back when. This diary keeps me prepped for troubleshooting.

Two lists. The first page presents the pre-November alphabetized list of installed plugins. The second list holds plugins of interest, or later installed ( ✓ ) —with date.

✦︎ 63–68: Coding Tweaks

I wubs me some templates. The WordPress DashBoard’s response? Wazza template? So I installed a free plugin: Insert HTML Snippet. Advantage: I can change the HTML coding on one lone screen, confident it will immediately flow to all files with the associated “shortcode” inserted. The terse rationale, explaining why I created the template concerned, appears in this section.

The actual coding itself is ignored as regards this BuJo. Because that stuff demands precision, I play the copy/paste game, from source to SimpleNote file.

This BuJo section is all about why I made certain decisions.

✧︎︎︎ Accomodating the digital reality

Most tweaks fall into the custom CSS category; others involve PHP or HTML coding. Fashioning a hand-in-glove relationship between analog vs digital is best explained through illustration.

On Mondays, I post what I dub a “QuickNote.” These quicknotes typically center on a link to an external site. I

  • believe in exploiting opportunities to coerce a smile
  • appreciate the wisdom of visual cues
  • rarely ignore an opportunity to nod to my beloved all-things-birds hobby

The three conspire, resulting in a “source” template. A cartoon bird, wearing a derby, literally points to the source link on every QuickNotes page revolving around an external link.

Blending humor, branding, and a visual cue
Blending humor, branding, and a visual cue

The pic reflects the handwork of that Insert HTML Snippet plugin, promoting my consistency in this regard.

As regards SimpleNote → I add references with searchability foremost in my mind. Many files include “HTML.” Ditto “snippets.” By nicknaming an item, I’m guaranteed to get to that precise SimpleNote file AND the pertinent line within the file —fast, without irrelevant files polluting the search results listing. Therefore, related notes appear in both digital and analog format under an hSnippets header. Analog reminds me of the searchable nickname I created.

✦︎ 69–70: Social Media Limits

Headers are inked, but the content appears in pencil. Why?

Frixion erasures require a heavier hand than erasing pencil. Heavy-handed erasures, in the same area, risk revealing the threads underlying the ultra delicate Tomoe River paper. Been there. Done that. Ouch!

The specific limits to which I refer:

  • image sizes: e.g. Facebook Page, Pinterest, Twitter, blog theme
  • character limits: social media/ bio, captions, posts, etc
  • suggested posting times per network

When the parameters change, I can revise withOUT resulting mechanically-induced grief.

Tip: 4B lead mimics the appearance of rich black ink. Best of all worlds.

✦︎ 71–74: CheckLists

Consider this my group of double-check-it listings.

  • PrePublication
  • Post-Publication
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Among the list topics: blog post formatting (enhanced readability), SEO, server maintenance chores —the works.

✦︎ ^ ^ ^ Server-Based Maintenance Chores

  • check links for continued vitality
  • refresh content
  • add internal cross-links, i.e. older posts to newer content
  • delete all post revisions
  • review plugins performance
  • check page load times
  • update About Page if necessary
  • check inbound links

✦︎ 75–end: —blank—


Lists and Logs I Chose to Exclude

This subject warrants its own page → Part 5 of this 5-part series.

I do note now — I’ve referenced Poindexter several times on this and other pages. Personalizing him with a name muscled my attempts to tame him. Yet I had difficulty attaching a face to his persona. Serendipity smiled, answering that years-long quest. A related article will materialize at the conclusion of this series.

Next, Part 4: Embracing Companion Memo Pads, the heart of this woman’s bullet journal.

Call to Action

Hobonichi books expand with usage. The Mega Weeks, with moderate use, proved too thick for my back jeans pocket. I replaced it with a classic Weeks, after I determined I could increase its number of pages.Do you allow a physical book to dictate use? Are you determined enough to force it to do your bidding? Do what you must, to get what you need. Without inviting a prison orange uniform, of course.

MultiYear Hobonichi Weeks: Enlarging + Mastering the Notes Section 3 / 5
MultiYear Hobonichi Weeks: Enlarging + Mastering the Notes Section 3 / 5


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