WordPress (v 5.0) Gutenberg: How to implement a “No thank you”

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The claimed WordPress upgrade date, November 27th, passed withOUT the promised action. Why did the folks behind WordPress decide to ignore the commitment date? Ummm, methinks ratings provide a strong clue. Whatever the reason, some of us want no part of this new guy, yet. Here, I share my related “nope!” notes.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Reasons to say "No thank you" to the Gutenberg upgrade
Reasons to say “No thank you” to the Gutenberg upgrade

Note the number of one-star reviews. Then mozy your retinas to the number of fixed vs outstanding issues presented by the planned upgrade. The two figures prompted action on my part, to ensure I keep the current Classic Editor.

How to implement a No, thank you to keep the current Editor

Gutenberg? No thank you!
Gutenberg? No thank you!

The following presents the highlights of my related research chores. Cheat sheet: you can install the Classic Editor plugin now. You can also set it up now. No worries if you do nothing —there’s apparently an off switch within this WordPress version 5.0 package.

What’s the big deal?

If you’re singing 🎵 What’s it all about, Alfie 🎵, this article gives you the overall flavor of things to come:

QNLink3   SourceGutenberg Times
The Secret Manual – Hidden Features and Gotchas in WordPress Gutenberg

12.04.2018 Update

New release date announced: December 6th. This article details why that’s a surprise. Cliff Notes version: “issues.”

QNLink3   SourceSearch Engine Journal
WordPress 5 Release Date Announced 

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