Hobonichi MultiYear Weeks: What's Not Included, and Why 5/5. (Keel-Billed Toucan, Snapped @ The National Aviary, Pittsburgh, PA)

Hobonichi MultiYear Weeks: What’s Not Included, and Why 5/5



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Dealing with a bullet journal for years proved its inherent worth. Nothing beats hand-to-paper for massaging creativity while formulating dreams-to-reality planning.

But honesty demands acknowledging: digital better addresses some subjects.

Data Handled Outside the Weeks

Reminder: the innards of the Weeks reflect data likely to remain helpful throughout multiple years.

✦︎ Periodic Quick Notes

Fleeting one-event notes demand capture too
Fleeting one-event notes demand capture too

An event gifts a special no-fee parking lot. Another event presents multiple entry points, but a knowledgeable acquaintance1 advised “use Gate xyz.” These critical-for-now notes merit a spot within the EDC BuJo. But not at the expense of prime space. Compromise: little sticky notes. In, then out, and tossed when the event concludes.

Imma share my version of a post-it Note, forever confirming my primary obession . My since-2nd-grade homie bumped into the pack, thought of yours truly, and extended the surprise “just cuz you’re my Homie” gift 😍. I attach the sticky to the front cover of the rear Memo Pad.


✦︎ Reading List

I consume books only in digital form, i.e. Audible, Kindle, or the library’s Libby app.

Kindle and Audible and Libby, oh my!
Kindle and Audible and Libby, oh my!

The Kindle app permits creation of personal folders, which I exploit for “Read Next” and similar purposes.

Libby allows tagging, which I exploit in a similar manner.

Audible stands alone as problematic. I’ve yet to discern a tagging or category mechanism to create segregated lists. The one thing I can do is choose what to download. The downloaded items constitute my listen-to-next list.

Because this digital flow satisfies, I see no viable reason to duplicate the list for analog purposes.


✦︎ Errands List

The temporary nature of these lists precludes direct insertion in the Weeks pages. It’s likewise unworthy of Memo Pad inclusion.

For some things, there really is an app for that

Traveling to certain parks or nature attractions takes me past certain stores. A list of needed items per store strokes my 2fer bone, i.e. 2 birds, 1 stone. Certain “location-aware” apps can be configured to bing when you approach designated areas. That includes the iPhone’s native Reminders app.

I relied on such apps long before I heard of bullet journaling. Add: I can’t read while driving. Apps better address the need to remember xyz while near abc. Therefore, digital owns this space.


✦︎ Birthday / Anniversary List

Thou shalt celebrate!
Thou shalt celebrate!

Cliff Notes version: if the date’s important enough to merit inclusion on a list, it’s important enough for me to arrange a reminder. The handful of folks comprising my treasured inner circle merit a special 4-point reminder scheme:

  • 2 weeks in advance
  • 1 week in advance
  • 3 days in advance
  • morning of D-Day

Reminder = digital. Pam adheres to a general “no dupes” rule. Read: this list lives only in Digital Land.


✦︎ Outdoor Exercise Tracking

Even the local Greylag Goose gets his exercise groove on
Even the local Greylag Goose gets his exercise groove on

When I run, walk, or bike ride, an app creates a detailed trail. Analog offers nothing comparable. When I want to see those stats, I access the relevant app.

I could copy some of those stats to the BuJo. As usual, I decline duplication invitations which would see me working for my BuJo, e.g. mere busy work.


✦︎ Grocery Store List

Lists, those BadBoys are everywhere, eh?!
Lists, those BadBoys are everywhere, eh?!

Hubs hits the grocery store on a regular basis. To prevent duplicate purchases, we share certain out & about lists via an app.

A second reason cemented my decision to handle grocery shopping in a digital fashion. Tomoe River paper (TRP) despises repeated erasures, actually revealing its underlying threading as a direct result. I learned this fact the hard way, courtesy of a grocery shopping list in my then-core Jibun Techo. Because Pilot Frixion pens coax a heavy hand while erasing, I moved to a Kuru Toga mechanical pencil. Erasing its 4B (soft but dark) lead allowed a light touch with a Campus 2B eraser. Unfortunately, the Tomoe River paper still tended to show this downside to its impossibly thin paper.

Problem banished, via an app.


✦︎ Sleep Tracking

All God' chillin gotta snooze, even my beloved Mr DarbyKlan
All God’ chillin gotta snooze, even my beloved Mr DarbyKlan

I may take a nap mid-day. I might zonk out on the sofa for the night. An app on my Apple Watch auto-logs the specific timing, providing an unbeatable sleep tracking mechanism. It relies on my heart rate, among other physical factors, resolving reliability issues favorably. Because analog offers nothing remotely comparable, I stick with digital.


✦︎ Water Tracking

Water replenishes ... all
Water replenishes … all

Last year’s water tracker provided an invaluable assist in entrenching this stay-hydrated habit. Indeed, it proved so successful, the need to track disappeared. My body craves the usual full glass of water every hour or so, inflicting a thirsty sensation until I refill the glass. Hence, the need to track my water intake died, courtesy of habit formation success.


✦︎ Meal Tracking

The MyFitnessPal app reduces meal tracking to kid’s play. I’ve tested to pinpoint a meal not already gracing its mind-boggling database. Failed, happily.

Seriously, what could be easier than scanning a bar code on a package of, say, the shredded cheese gracing my baked potato? Digital wins this chore, period.

The free version satisfies.


✦︎ Meal Planning

If I were a mom with kiddos depending on me, I’d plan. But I’m not, so I don’t. I’m content to pop my head in the fridge / pantry for planning guidance.

Birds munching their goodies
Birds munching their goodies

Further, in this household, body parts do not dictate who performs what chore. Hubs is just as likely to assume a week’s laundry chores, or indulge the evening’s cooking mission. In the end, our respective contributions even out.

One exception persists, induced by our woody backyard. Anything —from mini Jurrasic Park specimens (I’m told they’re called geckos 😏) to assorted creepy crawlers— may ease under the door into our home.

Me no likey. Each critter unearths my hidden talent: put Carl Lewis to shame for Olympic-timing sprints. I make no apologies, dear reader, for speaking my truth: this is solid hubs’ territory.


✦︎ Weight Tracking

Naaah, he's just big-boned y'all 😂
Naaah, he’s just big-boned y’all 😂

Stepping on my ancient but functioning first generation Withings scale tells me my weight, body mass, and a few other metrics. As I step off the scale, it seizes the Wifi connection.

All stats, via IFTTT, travel to the day’s iOS Fitness calendar block. It also copies into app DayOne, with the tags I configured years ago. Looking at the Fitness calendar gives me precise weight info. DayOne helpfully provides a scrollable running diary, courtesy of 2-taps.

I refuse to spend time duplicating the data for analog-carry purposes. The associated mere busy work holds no attraction whatsoever per the lack of a viable duplication rationale.


✦︎ Cleaning House

Housework? I included it in a now-archived Jibun Techo. I seldom consulted the list once the honeymoon period of the spread’s creation passed.

I simply despise housework so much that I choose not to pollute any current BuJo with such details. Instead, a clipboard holding a last-time? list hangs on the inside wall of the utility closet, e.g. change filters.

If all else fails, seeing dust balls or floor markings will remind me of neglected chores. My talents do not include June Cleaver simulations. Yeah, I said it. Move on.


✦︎ Taking Notes: Active Photography Sessions; Driving

A relaxed state produces a motherload of productive yet fleeting thoughts. Two scenarios guarantee unleashing a torrent: driving in a convertible with the top dropped, and chasing birds with a camera. Although a Hobo Weeks sits in my back jeans pocket throughout such ventures, dealing with it defies ease at such moments.

Bird photography, part 1
Bird photography, part 1

Example #1: A call comes in via CarPlay. Call concludes. I wanna make a note, but don’t wanna move to the side of the road and park to write down my thoughts. Instead, I tap the Apple Watch and dictate.

Example #2: Or, a cool idea for a blog post bubbles in my head while a bird sits in my lens. Same Watch-based dictation.

I tap the large microphone appearing on the face of the Watch, what Apple dubs a “complication.” The one-time-payment app gifting that mic, Just Press Record, swallows my dictation, belching a plain text transcript when I tap a button on any Apple device with the app installed. The data auto-hits every other Apple device hosting the app, via iCloud.

I may summarize the transcripts during my Weekly Review session. If so, I enter them in that review date’s Daily Log.


Otherwise, the Weeks Plays Maestro to Daily Core Concerns

The Daily Log includes all categories of information comprising this woman’s life. The dual time blocking keeps me on Productivity Road. They, like the hardlandscape and Editorial calendars, remain within reach at all I’m awake times. Similarly, the info I’m most likely to consult day to day also sits within the Weeks’ covers.

I’ve shoved a few Memo Pads into the glove compartment. They accommodate writing notes and other essentials when out & about.


Hobonichi MultiYear Weeks: What's (not) Included and Why
Hobonichi MultiYear Weeks: What’s (not) Included and Why

My intent throughout this series: share my configuration choices, together with what worked and didn’t work for me. Rationales accompany every configuration choice. My goal: prevent your turn down a wrong road, by providing setup details, including how I resolved or avoided glitches.

Folks make bunches of behind-the-scenes this-or-that decisions when creating bullet journal contents. But few take the time to explain the nuances leading up to the spreads’ creation.

I choose to share (embarrassing) foibles, so you won’t stumble down the same oops! path. Pain … gain.


? Additional BuJo Components ?

Any more series planned here with a bullet journal flavor? You betcha. Next Thursday will witness presentation of my workbook for pushing 2019 dreams into reality. It’s name: Anti-Poindexter (inner critic) Hill System BuJo —my “Poinny Weeks.”

THE Hobo Weeks ruling my 2019 plots & plans. (Snowy Egret. Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)
THE Hobo Weeks ruling my 2019 plots & plans. (Snowy Egret. Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)

In essence, I provide the break-it-down #BeforeThePen spreads devised following mindmapping: annual → quarterly → monthly → weekly → daily.

Spoiler alert: personalizing the inner critic defangs him. I’ve long assigned the name Poindexter. Courtesy of Hobonichi, I now have a face perfectly capturing his nefarious personality. For that reason, I’ve dedicated one book exclusively to my dream factory workflow.

Later y’all. 😎

Call to Action

Food for thought: Envisioning the tomorrow you want to live mandates planning today. Massaging plans entails memorializing relevant thoughts. Motivation acts like a fickle lover, proving anything but reliable. But a beckoning system will keep your boat afloat.

I know of no other way to say it: you’re Seth the effort required to pull an enjoyable system together. Marbled copybook. Legal pads. Bullet journal. OneNote. If you choose a tool you genuinely enjoy, you’ll exploit opportunities to use it. Routine reviews will materialize.

It’s up to you. It’s on you. I repeat: you’re worth the effort. As are your dreams.


Hobonichi MultiYear Weeks: What's Not Included, and Why 5/5. (Keel-Billed Toucab, Snapped @ The National Aviary, Pittsburgh, PA)
Hobonichi MultiYear Weeks: What’s Not Included, and Why 5/5. (Keel-Billed Toucan, Snapped @ The National Aviary, Pittsburgh, PA)


  1. Facebook tells me I have thousands of “friends.” Lie! I’m the stingiest woman you’ll encounter when it comes to awarding that label. That miserliness pays off. Through the decades, as an adult I erred only once, calling someone a best friend who actually denigrated me when my back was turned. I walked away, never looking back. Yes, painful. But what I forgive vs what I tolerate are different animals.

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