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I bumped into the article linked below months ago. Intrigue pushed me to Google several times during subsequent weeks. Bottom-line: I revised my morning routine to accommodate 2 additional steps: conjuring AND writing down my one-word intention for the day. Folks, the results continue to astound me.

Quickie background: recent loss of immediate family members threatened to hobble me indefinitely, explaining why I snatched this info ball and ran with it. As part of that process, I ran multiple image searches to pull the primary pages of assorted daily planning journals focused on productivity. A couple of weekends witnessed me hunched over a desk, fine-tuning what emerged as my daily launchpad.

The intent word gets favored treatment, as does my chosen quote for the day. Both pull a shade of red, coercing their respective leaps from the page. In addition, I run through 5 reDawn prompts, cementing a positive mindset for the day. A related 3 prompts close my day, which is why I refer to the entire mini-journaling process as my HCB: HeadCheck BookEnds. Like their physical siblings, they keep my spirit upright.

So what was your intention today? What do you mean you didn’t even think of it!?!? OK well I guess it’s fine for now, but by the end of this article you’ll have every reason to sense to the power of your intention, and feel it every single day!

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It’s the intention that counts, and it starts with just one word

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