How to UnPollute Your Twitter TimeLine (e.g. Kill Likes)

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♦️  Pub: Jan 28, 2019 | Updated: Jan 28, 2019 @ | Reading: < 1 min. | Words: 186 ♦️
The developers charged with maintaining Twitter stay awake at night, devising new irritants. Here’s how to avoid the madness, even on iOS devices.

Twitter, like InstaGram, appears determined to escalate user irritations at every turn. Excessive ads grow, complete with near seizure-inducing videos. And now, we have likes —by others— polluting our timelines. I resolved: figure out how to banish the crap with third-party tools, or pull the plug on Twitter.

Desktop access includes multiple remedies, via magical Chrome extensions. But iOS remedial options flirt with nonexistence. The work-around, for iPad purposes? Freebie TweetDeck, a web-based gem. There, you’ll find filters killing retweets, likes, and ads, joined by word and phrase targeting filtering. In short, Twitter —as it should be.

Want additional escape-the-madness cures? Check out the linked fab article.

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How to Block Other People’s Likes on Twitter

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