Gray Catbird (Local, North America) — a/k/a Tail Boy. Snapped @ Triangle area backyard, NC.

Gray Catbird (Local, North America) — a/k/a Lil Bro

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Gray Catbird (Local, North America) — a/k/a LilBro

Ahhh, that shock of orange, usually hidden under the tail. Who knew, eh? → Once upon a time, I’d see only a handful of catbirds during the course of a full year. Speed forward a decade, and their number now rivals the Eastern BlueBird and American Crow. Hey, the more, the merrier this snap happy woman!

Two ways to identify this backyard feathered kid: his song mimics a cat’s “mew;” and physically, a mini Afro appears atop his head. Guaranteed giggle inducer!

Snapped @ Triangle area backyard, NC

Catbird, In Action


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