Turn Their Tossed Stones into Glorious Stepping Stones. Playful Ruddy Duck in a grassy field, stretching her wings

Turn Their Tossed Stones into Glorious Stepping Stones



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Like ebb and flow, two steps forward may prompt a five step backward push. No pie-in-the-sky rebuttal quotes here. Rather, a list of empowering reminders.

When they toss stones at you, treat their words as stepping stones to glory

I deem Life the ultimate four-letter word. An event may devastate in the short term, but perceived with wisdom, it will invigorate. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Take a stroll down the corridors of documented history.

You’re not good enough…

… they said. “Too emotional” for this job, they said. So they fired her. That’s one heckuva bitter pill to swallow on the front end of your would-be burgeoning career. Gees, wonder what those brainiacs now think … of Oprah.

QNLink3   SourceKazan Today
When Oprah Winfrey got fired, it initally devastated her. Then it turned out to be a godsend.

Don’t want it. You can’t write.

Colorful cartoon parrot
She heard it more times then she could count on fingertips and toes. But she persisted, simply aiming to be a better writer than yesterday. MeThinks she succeeded. Tell me, ever heard of Harry Potter?

QNLink3   SourceThe Guardian
JK Rowling says she received ‘loads’ of rejections before Harry Potter success

Get out, now! You’re fired.

His name morphed into a synonym for innovation, but only after circumstances forced his second act.

One monkey may not stop a show, but the passing of the eWorld’s BFF stilled the gee whiz annual announcement party. Proof? Consider Apple’s product line while Steve Jobs breathed. Contrast with Apple’s <yawn>offerings</yawn> today. What once just worked now just irks.

Thanks for the electronic goodness that once was, Steve.

QNLink3   SourceSteve Jobs‘ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

The Once-Upon-a-Time Computer Salesman

Short and sweet: Perceived as lacking in his computer salesman role, this young adult was unceremoniously fired. It proved to be the last time Marc Cuban would work for someone else.

QNLink3   SourceForbes
At Age 25 Mark Cuban Learned Lessons About Leadership That Changed His Life

You ain’t creative enough. Go ‘way!

Soaring eagle
We all taste what seems like failure. But. Like birds, we control our wings.

He was fired from a newspaper because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Additional firings followed. Fed up, he resolved to start anew—yet again—moving with his brother to California. They created a pretty successful cartoon series.

Ever visit a (Walt) Disney Theme Park?

QNLink3   SourceGrowThink
7 Entrepreneurs Whose Perseverance Will Inspire You

Companies merged, dubbing some irrelevant while doling out severance checks.

He used his severance check to launch a business. He’s now among the richest individuals on the planet.

QNLink3   SourceAmazon: Books
Bloomberg by Bloomberg , by Michael R. Bloomberg

You ain’t nothin’ but a Maid, a Butler, a Slave.

Owl sitting on branch, signifying wisdom.
Wisdom rises above what actually is, converting tossed stones to stepping stones

America’s tortured history includes the blatant refusal to acknowledge—with dignity— people of color. But talent, mixed with grit, forces homage to greatness.

Certain movies persist in popularity, despite their obvious adoration of the Confederacy and its lifestyle. An intended menial role in Gone with the Wind, honed in stereotypes, served as springboard for the mighty talent of Hattie McDaniel. So powerful was her portrayal, white women still approach this writer insisting I “can’t be Black,” oblivious to the racist suppositions giving birth to their query. (Spoiler alert: No SherlockReena, we don’t all look alike. Please, get or borrow a clue before appearing in public.)

Hattie schooled all Americans on showcasing your best, despite wretched circumstances. Given the path she blazed, we later witnessed magic words, uttered with profound conviction and confidence: “They call me Mister Tibbs.”

Doors. Locked. Impenetrable? Mess with the hinges. Try a crowbar. Aim a shovel at the ground to dig under the sucka. But understand: the only key absolutely locking any door = the silently spoken phrase I can’t.

QNLink3   SourceHattie McDaniel: Oscar Winner

QNLink3   SourceHow Sidney Poitier Overcame Racial Dogma | The Oprah Winfrey Show

Call to Action

Find a full-length mirror. Position yourself in front of it. Turn sideways. See your booty? That BadBoy’s tailor-made for bouncing back up and off the canvas.
Just sayin’! 😎

Female Ruddy Duck playing in a grassy field, spreading her wings
Turn their tossed stones into stepping stones. (Ruddy Duck, female (N. + S. America). Snapped at Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)

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