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Surfing the web too frequently dovetails into a tour of the Wild Wild West, with your private data targeted. Educate yourself to safe vs evil Chrome extensions.

Sometimes, it’s not even a contest.

W3Counters statistics for browser use in January 2019 confirms Chrome’s dominance, which leads the pack with about 63% of the market.  The closest competitor—Safari—holds the number two slot with 14%. Microsoft browsers weigh in with a 7% market share in the third spot. Firefox slides into fourth place with 6%; and poor lil Opera kidnaps the fifth spot with all of 3% of the market.

The problem? Popularity rivets the attention of nefarious ne’er-do-well’s, just itching to get their grimy paws on your data. Translation: some of those über popular and “helpful” Chrome extensions are poised to bite you, hard. Protect yourself by adopting a new habit: run a quick and easy check prior to installation. You can even do so after installation, because late truly is better than never.

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Chrome Extensions: check ’em

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