Delight your Telegram Blog Subscribers with a Stickers Pack. The 4.1.1.: How to create. (Mandarin, male. Asia. Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)

Delight your Telegram Blog Subscribers with a (DIY) Stickers Pack



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We’ve walked through Telegram’s steps to deliver a blog subscription. Today’s focus concerns how to create a fun Telegram Stickers Pack to delight your blog subscribers.

Research informed of the two-step dance incurred to create a Telegram Stickers Pack:

  1. Create the pic / sticky
  2. Send that badBoy to Telegram

1️⃣ Create an image friendly to a Telegram Stickers Pack

Wise bloggers have a scheme in place, dubbed branding. Colors and images play a critical role in promoting branding consistency.

I’m not wild about social media. To make it tolerable, I incorporate my passion, bird photography. Because this sticky project gave me a valid excuse to mess around with my bird pics, what would have been a tedious chore transformed into big time fun.

Lesson: focus on a subject you love so much, you’ll relish related photography moments. Keep the wide view. Example: you run, jog, or walk most mornings. Think beyond the sneakers. Take your smartphone. Be prepared to stop and snap what delights you.

Know the basic requisites for sticker creation:

  • 512 x 512 pixel image
  • with transparent background
  • and a shadow effect (to contrast against a white / light background),
  • saved as a png file

As usual, I rely only on my iPad for this work. After experimenting with a dozen or so iOS apps, I chose $0 SmartCut. Frankly, I’d prefer to pay to kill the ads, but have yet to find a paid version. Years ago, I purchased Pixelmator, shoved onto center stage for the current chores.

✦︎ Grab a pic

I adore gimme-a-weird-look featured friends, finding this gem among my Instagram postings:

Bird image either multi-hue blurry background
Grab an image for testing

Because bird photography continues its decade+ role as my Valium, I’ve amassed an enviable stash of pics. But what about folks who rely only on a smartphone camera to take the rare picture?

Suggestion → Grab a youngster. Plan a trip to a museum (some have animals), Barnes & Noble, Yogurt bar, McDonald’s, or let the child lead you. Reminder: we’re talking messaging stickers. Pay attention to allllllll you see. As adults, we’ve lost the sense of wonder still pronounced in kids. For a few hours, view the world through that child’s eyes. My hunch? You’ll return with a pile of pics you can’t wait to convert to stickies. That’s the thing about kids … that innate sense of spontaneous delight proves contagious, if only we’d let the vibe fly.

Or, visit It presents high-quality pics for your review and selection. All legal. You’re free to alter those images and use them, even for commercial purposes.

Be advised that Pixabay empowers you to restrict your search to transparent images:

However, think twice about using any third-party image as is. Part of the lure of Telegram stickers involves uniqueness to your channel / group. What you take off the shelf and use, someone else can too. For that reason, wisdom promotes some form of alteration, to make the image uniquely yours.

✦︎ Get an app to finesse the make-background-transparent chore

The background directly behind the depicted bird is not a solid flat color. Experience taught me to ignore online make-transparent services in such instances. Lesson in aggravation. So, I searched the iOS store for TRANSPARENT, targeting the Photo category. My demand: easy. My find: SmartCut. That’s the free/ads version.

Once I gained familiarity with the app, I couldn’t wait to reward the Dev with my one-time $2 payment. Frankly, shoulda been at least a $5 app! However, the paid version (CutPro) isn’t as intuitive as the freebie. So, get your tootsies wet before bouncing up to the paid version.

When you open SmartCut, the screen shows the how-to in an easy to digest manner. As a direct result, I had my transparent pic within a couple of minutes.

Look at it again. It’s ok, but lacks polish.

✦︎ Tweak the image for a polished final appearance.

Turning to Pixelmator, I indulged three procedures:

  1. Tools → Effect → Vignette. Purpose: add visual “pop.”
  2. Tools → Format → Stroke: 2px, white. This adds a proper white outline to the pic, transforming it with a subtle yet effective oooo-baby look.
  3. Tools → Format → Shadow. Playing around with the sliders, while watching the changing effect on screen, gave me precisely what I desired. The shadow ensures the needed contrast against the light colored screen. Think of it as a quasi 3rd-dimensional effect.

Before we end this phase, scrutinize the pic. If you see any extraneous crap, get rid of it: Tools → Retouch → Repair. Use the slider to reduce the size of the brush. I forgot to do so, decapitating my little feathered buddy. Oops.

The newly minted saved version of our lil Rainbow Lorikeet:

✦︎ Confirming it’s a PNG, not JPG, file

I scratched my head: how to confirm this is a png, as opposed to jpg, file —on my iPad? Understand: I invest scant time in editing photos. If I can’t do it on the iPad, alone, it won’t be done.

Neither iOS nor Google Photos provides the answer. Pixelmator added to the frustration. Several EXIF apps also played dumb. Canva insisted I sign in first, sparking its long overdue deletion. (Word Swag handles my Pinterest resizing needs and more.)

Returning to the App Store, a search on IMAGE FILE NAME yielded my bingo: Photo Name CSV.

After subjecting about a dozen bird shots to identical treatment, I ended step one of the workflow by downsizing each image to the required 512 x 512 sizing.

Incidentally, cost? I’ve had Pixelmator for years. Current one-shot (no SaaS) price: $5. Pixelmator jumps to my aid when most needed, i.e. the described Stroke, Shadow, and Repair business. Others carry no fee. Ads, if they appeared, attacked only when I finish the central task. Because the developer respected me, I respect him, twice. First, with my purchase; second, with this unsolicited recommendation to all looking for his type of app.

2️⃣ Get Telegram on speaking terms with your dis-a-sticky images

Exploiting Telegram beyond personal use quickly taught me: bots rule in Telegram Land.

First, look at each of your transparent pics. Choose an emoji on your mobile keyboard to represent each pic. I kept a running list in Notes to prevent confusion.

Second, ⚠️ read the caveat ⚠️ about properly sizing your pic. It appears in the text about the last image appearing on the linked page.

Third, open Telegram on your desktop or the web version. Why? Because the bot wants a file, not a photo attachment. The mobile clients makes it dang near impossible to pull that off.

  1. Add @Stickers as a contact
  2. Read the message from the bot, giving you detailed instructions.

✦︎  Uh oh😱 An Oops! → How to delete stickers

Let’s suppose you’ve followed all steps, culminating in the creation of a Telegram sticker pack. Tapping that pack while within your Telegram client, you again inspect your handiwork. 😳Your face scrunches.😳 You now see a problem not previously discernible. You decide the best remedy is to pull the stickers, fix, and try again.

Question: how in the world do you remove images after sent, accepted, and compiled into the sticker pack by Telegram? Your walk-through awaits. A second tutorial focuses more on making such changes from a mobile.


✅ You’ve established a Telegram account.

✅ You’ve created a bot and channel, tied to your blog. With the help of a plugin, you created and tweaked a blog subscription mechanism via Telegram. Your cost: $0. Pruning, subject line particulars, feature tiers, timing issues, disappearing images? Honey, please! Those hallmarks of 50-year-old eMail technology all vanish when using modern messaging clients.

✅ You know even the stuffiest adult can be playful. You decide to delight folks in the Telegram zip code—all the-kids-within masquerading as adults—with a free unique sticker pack. And, you’ve set it up, from pic creation and polishing to confirming immediate Telegram availability. Your 3rd final inspection (hey, stuff happens 😏) sparks joy, because the sticker pack looks downright spiffy inside your Telegram clients! 👊🏽

🎁 I christen thee: U. B. Badd. 💃🏽🕺🏽 Take a moment, please, to celebrate your win. After all, you started knowing zip, and now you’ve gifted the Net with an über cool Telegram stickers pack!

 ✦︎  About Departing the Comfort Zone → HeadCheck

The one great thing about founding and maintaining a blog: gaining intimate familiarity with what it means—down in the trenches—to leave your comfort zone. I admit the phenomenon morphs into a fright zone, on steroids, more times than not. The thrill? Exercising the courage muscle makes it stronger.

To tame my ego throughout, I conjured an alias: SherlockReena, queen of boo-boo’s. Kid’s gotta good heart, but she ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Nonetheless, lemme tell ya, dat broad personifies a fun can-do spirit.

By placing her outside of me, I scoot past raw fear, giggling at all my mental hiccups along the way. A team of one, e.g. Pam all by her lonesome, would slam dunk me into the Cuss-a-Bunch basket, land of intense stress. Stress kills creativity. Grrrrr! Reenie spares me.

SherlockReena messes up—PUBLICLY—for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between snacks. But Pam reaps the benefits. Honey, we’re one heckuva team!


Call to Action

Whaddaya wanna learn? Do? Inner critic Poindexter stalks me and, likely, thee. SherlockReena responds by Ali-prancin’ all over Poinny’s sorry face, floatin’ like a gotta-fly and stingin’ like a imma-be. Mindset. Rules. In that regard, to paraphrase Janet Jackson: 🎵 what have you done for you lately?🎵

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