EDC BuJo: Gratitude Spread (Greasing Comfort Zone Departure) / (Golden Breasted Starling, Africa. Snapped @ The National Aviary, Pittsburgh, PA)

EDC BuJo: Gratitude Spread (Greasing Comfort Zone Departure)



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My EDC Bullet Journal includes a dedicated gratitude, e.g. I woke up, my senses intact. Leaving one’s comfort zone triggers ongoing inner negativity. Shifting focus to ongoing appreciation kills the spiritual cockroaches.


Gratitude, throughout my Day

Most bullet journal gratitude spreads depict a line or two—daily—each line holding a gratitude declaration. Personal opinion: every breath, every movement , every observation hammers a reason to say Thank You. Experience teaches: keeping a mental eye peeled on the magic of the ordinary shrinks Poindexter’s favorite holes.

Taming Predictable Woes When Leaving the Comfort Zone

Among Lady Life’s rare guarantees: leaving your comfort zone invites Poindexter into your psyche to wreak havoc. To reduce his stature, I assigned the name, Poindexter, to my inner critic.

Poinny lives to slither through psychic holes. Dedication to ferreting out serial bases for gratitude serves as Raid®, killing spiritual cockroaches. Understanding this reality, and respecting it, tames the choppy waters traveled while sailing away from one’s comfort zone.

The gratitude spread lives in my EDwC (EveryDay everyWhere Carry) Bullet Journal because that lil book stays with me all day, every day. No exceptions.

Why I Refuse to Include a Date in my Gratitude-Only Spread

The traditional gratitude spread emphasizes the date, as opposed to the appreciation declaration. Once written, the accompanying date subtly yet effectively induces a “there, that’s done” check-off mentality.

I mugged myself by restricting the pronouncement to a one-time daily occurrence. That mugging robbed me of the tremendous medicinal value lurking within the core of gratitude. Reawakening gratitude’s inherent power required a change in my approach.

Thank you
Thank you (Thx image, + birdie images, via Pixabay– joined and tweaked on my iPad)

The Resulting Tweaked Gratitude Spread

With the seat-of-the-pants lessons guiding me, I implemented two changes.

1️⃣ Tweaking my HeadCheck BookEnds (HCB)

My weekday HCB mini-journaling now begins with an appreciation pronouncement.

This retrains my mind to focus on the positive within seconds of my peepers poppin’ each preDawn morning. Within that same minute, I instruct Alexa to play a Motown-era tune. Why?

The combination—gratitude statement and music—ensures my day starts with a smile, felt throughout my physicality. Infectious, that positivity seeps into my psyche, soul, and spirit, forming the ultimate Breakfast of Champions.

After I write the closing HCB lines within my A5 Hobonichi Cousin, I cue the music.

2️⃣ Feeding my Gratitude Spread throughout the Day

When I leave the bedroom each morning, the Painter Hobonichi Weeks—serving as EDC Bullet Journal—sits within my back jeans pocket (yet another perk of decades-old self-employment with a home office).

By the way, I chose the Painter cover because it fleshes out Poindexter. I chose the Hobonichi Weeks because, unlike most books, it slides in and out of my back pocket withOUT any hint of grief. Constantly stuffing this inhumane human into my back pocket, and sitting on him, reminds me of his genuine “worth.” 😏

Observations, mixed with one-off thoughts, fill the “g” page, e.g. I’m grateful for

  • Nature’s first yawn
  • ability to discern the countless hues of green outside my window
  • the eternally rascal-y squirrel

The mundane. The ordinary. Observed. Felt. Appreciated. And duly noted. Why my insistence on the notations? Because the act of writing coerces a team-spirit workout among several senses:

  • sight: seeing the words appear on the paper
  • touch: feeling the pen and paper
  • sound: hearing the pen nib as it dances across the paper

It’s also impossible, for me at least, to write without mentally speaking each of the words written. In other words, reinforcements abound, all geared to hammering shut Poinny’s innumerable avenues of psychic attack.

Sample EDC Bullet Journal Gratitude Spread

EDC BuJo: Gratitude Spread (Greasing Comfort Zone Departure) / (Carolina Wren, snapped @ Triangle Area backyard, NC)
EDC BuJo: Gratitude Spread (Greasing Comfort Zone Departure) with Hobonichi Weeks “Painter” cover / (Carolina Wren, snapped @ Triangle Area backyard, NC)


To build a muscle, you must exercise the muscle.

As my gratitude muscle grows, the innate power of Poinny’s b.s. shrinks. Unlike the always welcome musical 🎵Temptations🎵 of my Motown-tinged youth, Poinny’s dastardly temptations seek to slow my roll. A throbbing gratitude muscle slaps dat fool into a time-out corner. Until I learn how to bury Poindexter outright, the time-out deal gifts sufficient peace to accomplish the task at hand.

I owe it to my growing gratitude muscle, my version of The Incredible Hulk.

Hulky Baby, with birdies. Am I in Blog drafting heaven or whaaaa?

The Incredible Hulk, again, this time doin’ his thing against Poindexter and his thought henchmen.

Say what you want ’bout Instagram, but when you crave a certain pic and lack drawing skills, googling the description with “instagram”, yields a bingo —EVERY dang time!

Call to Action

Mindset rules. How do you ensure your mindset proves a friend, rather than foe, day in day out?

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