27+ Nuanced Resources to Finesse the Writer / Author Platform (Blue + Gold Macaw, South America. Snapped @ Sylvan Heights Bird Park, Scotland Neck, NC)

27+ Nuanced Resources to Finesse the Writer / Author Platform



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Finessing the Writer / Author Platform mandates info nuanced for assorted social networks. This Resource Roundup tackles the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of platform building and maintenance.


QNLink3   Source→ Kidlit
✦︎ Do Fiction Writers Need An Author Platform?
“First and foremost, it’s much more important for nonfiction writers. That is a fact. When you put together a nonfiction book proposal, the publisher really wants to know how many people you can reach and sell books to. That’s a crucial concern for them at acquisitions.”

QNLink3   Source → Writers Digest
✦︎ Why All Authors Need a Platform
“The word platform simply describes all the ways you are visible and appealing to your future, potential, or actual readership. Platform development is important not only for authors; it’s also crucial for aspiring and soon-to-be authors.”


QNLink3   Source → The Write Life
✦︎ Author Platform: Here’s What All the Fuss Is About
“Remember that what you bring to the table already — just by being you — comprises a large part of the pie: expertise, personality, and ability to execute. With this you at least have a foundation, and possibly, with the right project, enough to land a deal. But most authors need to start to layer on the rest of the components in order to prove to a publishing house that they’re worth a bet.”

QNLink3   Source → iWriterly / YouTube
✦︎ 📽 Author Platform Basics
5-minute video. “Once upon a time, authors were able to write books and get them published, so long as they were a decent writer. … Now, both self-published and traditionally-published writers must establish an author platform to either get published or to have success while publishing in today’s modern world.”

QNLink3   Source → Writers Digest / YouTube
✦︎ 📽 The 6 Key Components of an Online Author Platform
83-minute video tutorial is taught by Jane Friedman—”an industry authority on commercial, literary, and emerging forms of publishing. This tutorial was recorded as a webinar in front of a live audience and even includes candid audience questions and answers.”


QNLink3   Source → KidLit
✦︎ Blogging Before Publication: Do Unpublished Writers Have to Blog?
“This post is geared mostly to people who are on the fence and who are feeling pressure to start a blog because they hear that’s what they’re supposed to do.”


🔶 General Principles

QNLink3   Source → iWriterly / YouTube
✦︎ 📽 Author Platform: What Social Media Platforms Should Writers Use?
5-minute video. “Author platforms are essential for both traditionally- and self-published authors in today’s modern world. But what social media platforms are the best avenues for your books?”

QNLink3   Source → Jenny Bravo Books
✦︎ The Best Social Media Strategies for Creative Writers
“When it comes to social media, the main strategy we need is the genuine desire to connect. Here are my suggestions, platform by platform.”

QNLink3   Source → Writers Cookbook
✦︎ Social Media for Writers: Which Platforms You Need to be on, Based on What You Write
“Below is a guide on which social media platforms are best suited to you and what you write.”

QNLink3   Source → KindlePreneur
✦︎ The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Writers 2019
“… you will learn: The best social media platforms to give your writing the best chance; How to effectively use social media for your writing career, so you’re not wasting time; The #1 reason why most writers fail at social media and how to fix this.”

🔶 Blogging

QNLink3   Source → Writers Digest
✦︎ 📽 Build Your Author Platform Through Blogging
“… what should you blog about? And, if you post any of your book material on your blog, are you endangering its prospects with an agent or traditional publisher?”

🔶 Facebook Page

QNLink3   Source → Shayla Raquel
✦︎ Epic Facebook Author Pages: Everything You Need to Know
Loving the “behind-the-scenes as a writer” posting tip. Great food for thought / posts in this gem.

QNLink3   Source → BenBella Books
✦︎ Facebook Profile vs. Page: What to Use for Your Author Platform
“If you do start a page, you don’t only have to share your business-related information. … Maybe your cat likes to fall asleep on your keyboard and your readers can’t get enough photos of him snoozing. It’s all about your authentic point of view[.]”

QNLink3   Source → Draft2Digital
✦︎ The Lazy Author’s Guide to Platform Building
“Your readers are on Facebook, so you must be there.”

🔶 Goodreads

QNLink3   Source → Writers Digest
✦︎ GoodReads: The Platform That Can Make Your Writing Career
Speakers “share specific tasks for writers at every stage of their career. Even aspiring authors can get a jump on building an audience. Plus, they will steer you away from potential pitfalls that could end up alienating rather than gaining readers.”

🔶 Instagram

QNLink3   Source → Kim Chance / YouTube
✦︎ 📽 Building Your Author Platform using Instagram
Theme, engagement, and communication.

🔶 Pinterest

QNLink3   Source → Angela Mills
✦︎ 10 Ways I Use Pinterest as a Fiction Writer
Think visual research Mecca. From character development to décor and design, the boards you fashion can grease creative juices. Watch your imagination take flight via photographs showing color palettes and “over there” destinations.

QNLink3   Source → Your Writer Platform
✦︎ 34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand
Bite-size nuggets to get up and running, while ducking potholes.

QNLink3   Source → Jane Friedman
✦︎ Pinterest for Authors: A Beginner’s Guide
Instructive mechanical considerations, such as conjuring themed boards and creating a (free) business account.

🔶 TED Talks

QNLink3   Source → Publishers Weekly
✦︎ 📽 Tapping into TED to Boost Your Author Platform
Open secret: all knees get shaky. Do it anyway.

🔶 Twitter

QNLink3   Source → Writers Digest
✦︎ Author Ted Fox’s Advice For Writers on Twitter
Do you relish spam steams? Uh uh, neither do others. “My book” streams entice as much as selfie-obsessed I-live-in-my-mirror streams. Act accordingly.

QNLink3   Source → Book Bub
✦︎ How Successful Authors Use Twitter To Promote Their Brand
“actionable tips to share on how authors can use Twitter more effectively to reach their audiences”

QNLink3   Source → Your Writer Platform
✦︎ Twitter Marketing 101: For Writers
Second half of this post presents an excellent guide to in-the-trenches considerations.


QNLink3   Source → Nathan Bransford
✦︎ Why an author’s platform matters
Money is finite. Gonna reach for the unknown, or the familiar?

QNLink3   Source → The Balance Careers
✦︎ Why Publishers Want Authors With Platforms
You’re about to burst with a new scheme, an idea. Your enthusiasm pushes you into your boss’ office. You convey a quick blurb. You boss stares in response. You offered no hint of likely success, despite intense competition. Suppose instead you could point to your significant crowd, cheering that scheme, proving their interest?


QNLink3   Source → Austin Briggs
✦︎ (PDF) How to Build a Powerful Writer’s Platform in 90 Days
Suggestion: grab this 132 page no-hassle downloadable PDF for a weekend read, coffee mug in hand. Emphasis = social media. Table of Contents makes a fine cheatsheet to the basics.

QNLink3   Source → Writers Digest
✦︎ How to Build an Author Platform that Attracts Agents’ Attention
Fly on the wall — meet Agent’s brain as it thinks aloud.

QNLink3   Source → Writing Cooperative
✦︎ How to build your own author platform — from scratch
All things seem difficult, until you immerse yourself in the specifics.

Call to Action

Turns out, this ain’t a build it and they will come deal. Not to worry. A follow-up post, scheduled for posting next week, details a free scheme I devised for the writing community → precisely how to give / get tangible support as a writer. Meanwhile, ya might want to pull out pad and pen to create and massage a related todo list. Hey, no one said emerging as your own boss would be easy!

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