Sailing with a Hobonichi Weeks BuJo: Weekly Review Spread. (Pintail Duck. Snapped @ Duke Gardens, Durham, NC)

Sailing with a Hobonichi Weeks BuJo: Weekly Review Spread



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My Hobonichi Weeks Goals BuJo cried out for tweaking. I obliged, rebuilding its weeklies to host my Weekly Review spread. Now, I sail through the task. Here’s the why and how.

Witness a rare Pam occurrence. I judged a book by its cover, purchased, and never looked back. Why?

“Painter 109” Hobonichi Weeks as Anti-Poindexter (Goals) Tool

Hobonichi Techo Weeks - Tadanori Yokoo: 109-Faced Painter (Japanese/Wallet-Size/Jan 2019 Start)
Hobonichi Techo Weeks – Tadanori Yokoo: 109-Faced Painter (Japanese/Wallet-Size/Jan 2019 Start)

When you insist on venturing beyond your Comfort Zone, the inner critic rubs his hands together in anticipation of endless Thanksgiving meals. Like a backstabber masquerading as best friend, Poindexter inflicts his damage in the dark. He starts by seasoning your heart, chomping out bits, then carves your self-confidence. And that’s just the appetizer!

Rather than wrestling with the abstract, I named my inner critic Poindexter to personalize the sunnuvaWitch. But until I saw the depicted Hobonichi Weeks cover, I couldn’t visualize my nemesis. Once the Painter was in hand, I dubbed it my Anti-Poindexter BuJo, a/k/a Poinny BuJo.

Goals, intentions, quotes, and projects populate its Notes section. However, my dual reliance on an A5 Hobonichi Cousin and A5 Slim Jibun Techo’s Weekly Views eradicated the genuine usefulness of the Painter’s horizontal weekly section.


Maximizing the Usefulness of the Hobo Weeks’ Horizontal Weekly Section

My dislike of repetitive drawing, such as charts and calendars, cement my intense appreciation of Japanese planners. They satisfy needed structure requisites, yet afford the freedom to do my own thing. Usually.

big bird searching all around
Scouring nuances, to tweak my way to a better BuJo

The Jibun Techo, my e-SoulMate every year since 2016 (an eternity in Planner World) offers much, but nadda in terms of extending a welcome mat to the Weekly Review. I could fudge it, using Saturday and Sunday columns in unison. But this year, they already serve a purpose. Wisdom mitigates against changing what works. (Details re the JT, soon!)

The down side of the Hobonichi Cousin flows from its innate stinginess (and girth). Precious few unclaimed pages greet the desire for, say, a Weekly or Monthly Review template. Using Saturday and Sunday as double pages for the mission refuses cooperation. The weekend days seldom appear as facing pages in the Daily section. The last thing I want, while reviewing, is the distraction introduced by flip-flopping to see the two pages comprising the Review template. Hence, I resorted to using an A5 Muji 5mm graph notebook.

Determined to enjoy the Hobo’s 3.x mm graph pages, I pulled an archived 2017 model from my bookshelf. Armed with a metal ruler and Dollar Tree box cutter, I sliced empty pages from the Hobo. Double-sided tape allowed me to cover Muji pages, yielding my preferred 3.7mm grid.

I was never thrilled with my handiwork, but accepted it as a decent solution for the Monthly Review template. But there’s a huge diff between 12 months and 52 weeks. 12 months of from-scratch drawing chores, fine. 52 instances? Yeah, I’ll accept that ongoing chore about 2.5 minutes after politicians become honest and truthful.

Tweaking the Weekly Review Template (a/k/a 👋🏽 Hi Pinterest)

colorful bird sitting atop a healthy grassy hill
For a plentiful harvest, pay attention as you plant seeds

Since I couldn’t immediately discern a worthy analog container, I focused instead on devising the content for a more efficient Weekly Review template.

When I want to be sure I’m creating a comprehensive template, I prowl for examples. I can’t think of everything, so the more examples the better. Pinterest and InstaGram present plenty of food for thought.

From my whittled list of about three dozen tentative sections, I tweaked and massaged my way down to a twee bit over a dozen.

Using a ragged copybook employed solely for drafting templates and the like, I moved stuff around on facing pages for the best logical flow. As I did so, I realized I had conjured a total of exactly 16 sections. That, in turn, reminded me of the core weekly structure of the Hobonichi Weeks, comprised of 14 horizontal block areas over facing pages.

Soon, I had my gem, managing to add a checklist of items to eyeball during each Weekly Review, plus a little Notes section.

The Hobonichi Weeks Horizontal Weekly Review Template / Spread

Left Page

1️⃣ Accomplished
2️⃣ Hubba Hubba Moments
3️⃣ Projects: | Completed | OnGoing | Next |
4️⃣ Lessons to Remember
5️⃣ Start
6️⃣ Stop
7️⃣ Continue

Right Facing Page (* = BuJo)

1️⃣ Weekly Review HitList (items to check)

  • Daily Log | Annual Goals | Activity Log
  • Cal: Hardlandscape | Quarterly Goals | Blogger’s BuJo
  • Dual Time Blocks | Monthly Goals | Writer’s BuJo
  • HeadCheck BookEnds | Weekly Goals | Recent Reviews
  • Daily Nails | Daily Focus Points | Trackers
  • Learned | Related Notes | Gratitude Declarations

2️⃣ * What Worked
3️⃣ * Ruh Ro (What Didn’t)
4️⃣ * Keep | Bye Felicia!
5️⃣ * Consider / Try
6️⃣ Struggles | ← Resolve
7️⃣ Notes


I’ve shared the mechanics of my Weekly Review system, both in terms of physical container and internal contents. Answers to the Why? factor populate this page, as do the irritants forcing tweaks to my 2019 bullet journal system.


Logically, reviews should live in the same condo as goals because they feed each other. Bonus: with Spring about to dawn, I can grab a milkshake and the-size-of-my-head chocolate chip cookie (ok, two or three — don’t judge) and chill on a park bench as I perform the review with my back jeans pocket friendly Hobo Weeks. Nature massages an overall peaceful and relaxed feeling. A relaxed state enhances creativity, a perfect storm for inducing a muscular review session.

Call to Action

The worth of a self-management scheme follows the quality of attention paid to its nuances. While the basics are digested during Daily Reviews, the Weekly Review uniquely permits drilling down deeper, excavating and comparing the numerous aspects underlying concerns addressed over the full week. Garbage in, garbage out retains relevancy within the BuJo scenario..Are you reviewing your system on a regular basis? Stomping out trouble spots before they can usher you into the danger zone of abandonment? It may be possible to sail from achievement to achievement without studying your footsteps along the way. I tried that, falling into pothole after pothole. Now, I pay attention. Do you?



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