(QuickNote) Do NOT Try This: The Finger + The Cop

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♦️  Pub: Mar 19, 2019 | Updated: Mar 25, 2019 @ | Reading: < 1 min. | Words: 170 ♦️

The headline → Police Officer Can’t Pull Over Driver For Giving Him The Finger, Court Rules

The federal appeals court ruling: Middle Finger Protected By First Amendment

The summary: “If you’ve ever been tempted to make a rude gesture at a police officer, you can rest assured that the Constitution protects your right to do so, a federal appeals court says.”

The reality: Those of us subject to

  • driving
  • walking
  • sleeping
  • studying
  • walking around within your own home
  • chillin' inside a coffee shop
  • hangin' out in your grandmomma's backyard
  • breathing

while Black, understand: what lives on paper ain't happ'nin' on the street. Act accordingly.

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The 1-Finger Salute to a Cop? Technically: Cool. (Reality: Fool.)

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