Blue Jay (E and Central USA). Snapped @ Triangle area backyard in NC.

Eastern Blue Jay (Eastern + Central USA)

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Toss a few peanuts on a tree stump, erect a bird bath, and hey, we’re talking a feathered friend for life. Actually, two, since the Mr. + Mrs. know nadda ’bout divorce.

Their intelligence mesmerizes. When hubs heads out to refresh the bird baths, the old-lyweds sit frozen on limbs. But when they see me they descend, as if to get a closer look. My guess? They know I’m the one who brings the food—even real worms. They anticipate my routine: sit, relax, then smash something up against my face that makes snap and click sounds. Whatever the case, they cooperate by posing, making me one deliriously happy camper.

Special note: forget NetFlix, cuz these birds serve as binge-worthy stars. In turns humorous and hostile, they may be noisy, but it’s a small price to pay for the overall mellow vibe they instill.

And they wonder why Nature persists as my preferred church!

In Action, the Blue Jay

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